Steam Holiday Sale: Happy New Year!

We start the new year with a set of deals that has something for everyone. Enjoy!

All things DOOM, Including the Complete Pack - 66% Off
Sam & Max Complete Seasons 1 & 2 - 75% Off
Mass Effect - 75% Off
Portal - 75% Off
RedLynx Trials 2: Second Edition - 75% Off
Devil May Cry 4 - 25% Off

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omni_atlas3213d ago

Mass effect at 5 bucks is tempting but with ME 2 coming out in like a month, I don't think I'll be able to finish it in time.

Too many games to play with this steam sale.

I just bought World in Conflict...still finishing up Uncharted 2, and in the process of leveling up to reach General in Modern Warfare 2.

tdrules3213d ago

i completed the main quest in 20 hours, not exactly mammoth

Darkfocus3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

if you like those kind of games
easily over 40 hours of playtime
zero replay value though.

Idle h4nds3213d ago

You're really shining light on a grim horizon (DD).

If more companies would follow suit and give regular discounts on our favorite games then DD may have a chance sooner rather than later.

tdrules3213d ago

one guess what publisher beginning with A added the least games to the sale

led10903213d ago

What are you smoking man DD is more popular than ever. Valve have themselves said that half of their sales come from Digital downloads. Even other publishers have said that 30-40% of game sales come from digital downloads. If anything retail sales are slowly dying.

TheIneffableBob3213d ago

Uh, what? Digital distribution is not a "grim horizon" as you say. The market is actually shifting towards digital as it's much more profitable for publishers. If Valve released their sales figures, then I think your opinion on DD would be different.

Idle h4nds3213d ago

I'm not saying that DD will never take over. Of course it will one day take over when internet speeds and larger HD's become standard among players. all I'm saying is that with deals like these it shows the potential of what a DD service can bring us.

The reason I say "grim horizon" is more of a personal thing I enjoy owning a physical copy of the game that I buy but if I am able to get deals like these than I would in most cases be able to look over not having a physical copy of the disc.

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Mucudadada3213d ago

Time to see what all the hoopla is about :D

lightningsax3213d ago

Me too. It seems like the discount is drawing huge sales - this is the first time the Steam servers were too busy to start downloading my stuff!

After having a blast with Dragon Age, I'm interested in everything BioWare has to offer again - I fell off that bandwagon after KOTOR2.

Mucudadada3213d ago

Ya, I never even beat KOTR 2, but the first one is in my top 10. It is such a fantastic game. I hope Mass Effect follows the same suit. I've had plenty of opportunities to play it on friends' 360's, but I could never get into the controls. I am lead to believe that those concerns will be rectified by the keyboard and mouse.

dreamtheater873213d ago

KOTOR II wasn't made by Bioware. They handed the reins over to Obsidian for that one, hence why it's not up to the standard of the first.

peowpeow3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

KOTOR II was still great, enjoyed it a lot.

Can anyone tell me if ME will run on a 9500gt? Even on low-med settings? Bought it because I just found that most steam content is unmetered for me \o/

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champ213213d ago

mass effect 5usd. you just cant go wrong with a purchase at that price point.

I just bought DMC 4.

Over all purchases for this steam holiday sales:

dead space 10usd
DMC 4 22usd
RE5 24usd
Shattered horizon 5usd
Torch light 5usd

For 66usd you just cant get those sort of deals anywhere.

jdktech20103213d ago

Thought I had it figured out that I would get Mass Effect 2 for 360 with my save already on there but now Steam is tempting me to get ME for the PC and see which one I like better....this is not nice lol

SSS3213d ago

This deal is a godsend, I can get a save file on pc too. I loved mass effect, mass effect 2 is gonna be amazing.

jdktech20103213d ago

I might buy it anyway since it's so cheap but I don't know lol

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