Five Web games that should be ported to handhelds

The internet is renowned for being a source of time-wasting, mouse-clicking, simple and bright arcade games, and at last they're starting to come to handheld. Line Rider, due out later this year, looks like being one of the most innovative games on the DS, and the forthcoming N+ will carry the baton for internet-to-handheld conversions, at least in the US (no European release has been confirmed).

Of course, there will be a few duds along the way (the recent Diner Dash DS conversion was a bit of a lame duck); partly it's down to developers choosing the right games to convert. So what gems are hiding away to be unearthed? Pocket Gamer has got some suggestions...

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MK_Red4803d ago

I love The Hapland series. Hope to see more levels with original's quality.

Bonsai12144803d ago

those games are sooo good. you can spend hours playing them. they relax and calm you when you're stressed too :-p