Hacker releases PS3 RSX Data Dumps

A hacker known as 'StrontiumDog' has shared with the development community PS3 RSX data dumps. They are only 'human readable'.

The hacker says he's releasing them because a lot of information is contained within them, and hacking Nvidia's GPU's is a 'specialist field'.

He hopes some smart folk can take the files and provide info to allow full RSX access under Linux. The Dog also expressed confidence in this as as a result his cursory scan of the data and functions that exist in the PS3 Hypervisor. The data does indeed reveal structures of crtical memory, register, layout and so forth.

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marison4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

pixel and vertex shader pipelines.

I think only two or three people in the whole world know the exact numbers ;-)

Almost so obscure like the Wii hardware numbers. Maybe by the same motive: no direct comparisons.

I think they have 24 pixel pipelines and 6 vertex pipelines.

anh_duong4239d ago

i have released a few dumps myself today

Bleyd4239d ago

Yeah, I went to the dump on Monday and unloaded a few things and today I had to go and drop the kids off at the pool.

Fart_Bubbles4239d ago

sony already made their opinion known on people like this, "we will bury those cokroaches" in the their best Tony Montana

redmamoth4239d ago

.. Could be the icing on the cake for Linux on the PS3...

xg-ei8ht4239d ago

Something smells fishy about these dumps!

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