The Darkness Hands-On Preview

Jackie Estacado isn't celebrating his 21st birthday like most. Instead of getting together with his friends to do a bunch of shots and hit a few strip joints, Jackie is planning to take some shots at bad guys as he puts a hit on them. You see, Jackie is a premier hit man for the Franchetti mob, run by his Uncle Paulie.

However, this hit isn't going to go down like his previous jobs for a couple of reasons. First, Jackie will soon realize that Paulie has turned the tables on him, putting the hit on him for what Franchetti feels has been a unforgivable betrayal. The word has been put out city-wide, and everyone is gunning for Jackie.

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MK_Red4732d ago

I hope the final build is as polished as Chronicles Of Riddick.

JPomper4732d ago

I wonder how the multiplayer will play.