Treyarch Tackling James Bond

A recent job listing at Activision suggests that Treyarch, the studio behind Call of Duty 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man, will be developing the next James Bond videogame.
Back in May, Activision announced it had acquired videogame rights to the James Bond license, a property Electronic Arts had handled for years. The Bond franchise is a hot property -- insiders suggested Activision paid around $70 million for the game rights -- though so far the publisher has said little about what the dashing super-spy will be up to next -- or which studio is at the helm.

According to the job listing, "Treyarch is looking for a Gameplay Designer for our upcoming Bond title." The listing further specifies that the Activision-owned studio is now focusing on next-generation console development, suggesting the new Bond may leap clear of older systems.

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Bishop6161d ago

I would probably care more if someone else was James Bond besides Daniel Craig. It has been a while since a good James Bond game has been released so I imagine the developers will have there work cut out for them especially with rising game costs.

Sphinx6161d ago

I have to agree with you on that one.

Aflac6161d ago

EA sucks, wat they do with all their nonsports games is just blasphemy to the world of gaming.

frostbite066161d ago

I might actually by a bond game now

Karibu6161d ago

No Sean Connery, no deal.

mikeeno76161d ago

Treyarch are crap developers. They made the awfully crap Minority Report. That's why Call of Duty 3 will be ruined by them and...well...most bond games have been bad anyway.

Cyclonus6161d ago

It's not looking too good.

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