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Five surprisingly disappointing games of 2009

From Gamertell:

"These five games are some that everyone seemed to adore but I didn't care for at all. This by no means suggests that these are bad games but they wouldn't get my recommendation if asked.

Despite getting critical acclaim from many, these five games gave me nothing but stress and I have to get this off my chest before 2010 gets underway."

Games include Red Faction Guerrilla, Dragon Age: Origins, Left 4 Dead 2, Mega Man 9 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled.

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Personal dislikes of a game are not reasons to "Report" a post. Your reports are "Lame."
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article is lame for including Dragon Age.
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Dragon Age was great, authors talking our his arse
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JonahNL5308d ago

This article has got to be a friggin' joke. Barely any explanation as to why he didn't like the games. Take Left 4 Dead 2, he just screams '60 dollar expansion' and that's it. Where are the valid arguments, people?

-Alpha5308d ago

Good luck finding valid reasoning here!

I wouldn't say he didn't give any good reasons, but his list is entirely subjective, and thus, not really indicative of something newsworthy.

These lists get done to death every end of the year.

Saaking5308d ago (Edited 5308d ago )

L4D2 is awesome BUT it's not worth 60 bucks. I paid $40 and I couldn't be more satisfies; however I would not have paid the full 60.

Other than that, I'd put Halo 3 ODST as the biggest disappointment. I bought it, played it for 4.5-5 hours (on heroic) to finish the campaign. So basically, it took me around 8 hours of total play time to get around half of the achievements. The multiplayer is literally the same as Halo 3, and fire fight isn't that great. Total rip-off. Good thing I bought it used and returned it the next day.

Blaze9295308d ago

LOL surrrrre.

Anywho. I'd actually put Modern Warfare 2 up there. I loved CoD4 and played it extensively. But Modern Warfare 2 - I only played online multiplayer like 10 times then never went back. Same old and it bored me. Definitely dissappointed me.

I'd put Killzone 2 up there as well. It was THE reason I wanted a PS3 even since that trailer in 2006. Forget everything else, Killzone 2 was all I wanted. Finally got it, beat it, got the scout badge, never played it again - wasn't as great as I thought I'd be.

I'd put ODST up there too but can't say I was dissappointed with it as I already knew it was a $60 snatch and grab.

we won5308d ago (Edited 5308d ago )

Killzone 2 was the biggest for me and I don't know why it isn't on the list. I purchased my PS3 for KZ2 and it was so broken after I beat it, I traded in at Gamestop(AFTER A WEEK). I also wasted my money on Infamous. I guess the only way to really tell what was a let down/disappoint in 2009, is by the sales in accordance to the supposed calibur of the AAA, WHEN IT COMES TO HYPE, BUDGET, AND PROJECTED SUCCESS.

Saaking5308d ago

KZ2 broken? In what way? It's probably the best FPS this year and one of the most solid online experiences around. There were some issues, but they were fixed and if you're talking about controls then the game is just not for you. It's not a game for people who like twitchy shooters.

Hisiru5308d ago (Edited 5308d ago )

Is this guy on crack? He said DRAGON AGE! Nothing there is disappointing except for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and maybe, just MAYBE "Red Faction Guerrilla".

Megaman 9 is hard because it was made for fans. Megaman 10 will have an easy mode, so everyone can enjoy it.

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DMason5308d ago

Does anyone honestly even care what this guy thinks? I mean cmon, it's a blog that no one has ever heard of. It's not news, unless news these days is listening to uninteresting people babble.

Ravage275308d ago (Edited 5308d ago )

My personal list
1)Prototype - i knew it wasn't very good so i rented it. Turned out worse than i expected, messy combat,horrendous graphics,story,and bosses. This game has the worst boss fights i've ever played.
2)Tekken 6
3)The Saboteur
4)FF13 - i have some buddies playing the Jap version and the stuff they are saying makes me cringe. I was EXPECTING a next-gen FF, thanks to SE(and maybe M$?) for wasting all those $$$ and years of production.

Only listed games i bought/rented so if i have to add a fifth it will be..

5)MW2 - did not buy it but even watching the trailers left me disappointed at how little the game improves on COD4.

-Alpha5308d ago

I wouldn't say Killzone 2 is broken, but it had a rocky start.

Like MW2 or any other game, it's got its flaws and its rocky starts.

What I find weird with K2 is that it had a beta, but no one really used it to give feedback. I guess everybody was happy it finally came out. Then, after the game the complaints started rolling in and then GG made changes.

One of the biggest and most annoying things with K2's launch was the stupid shotgun auto aim. Luckily that got fixed.

I suppose the biggest annoyance with K2 I have now is death lag. It's absolutely annoying when two people in a firefight both die. I used to post a lot in the K2 forums and this was an issue that was supposed to get fixed. I hate the people that decide to ignore the region filter. Playing with people from Japan spells automatic doom. And God knows the clan system is absolutely broken and full of cheaters that GG does not punish. Speaking of cheaters the forums on K2 still complain a lot about lag switchers and cheaters, and I do wish it would get addressed whenever GG comes back from their break.

Anyways, K2 is just a game, and like any other game its going to have its share of issues. I certainly don't think it's broken though. What exactly do you find "broken"?

As for the aiming, they patched it with some sort of sensitive aiming option. I prefer it, though I'm not noticing a difference unless I'm sniping in which case the analog sticks are TOO sensitive.

Regardless, I think the controls got better after the patch.

SilentNegotiator5308d ago

LOL, oh "We won"
You're on your way back to one bubble and another account, "why dis"

Killzone 2 was far from "broken"
It just didn't have the Call of Duty controls that stands as the only thing most of the general public know when it comes to the fps.

Maybe you DID fall for the hype, for a game not your type!
And now you're bitter because the world yet again didn't make the right decision FOR you, instead of you figuring out things for yourself, like an adult.

SilentNegotiator5308d ago (Edited 5308d ago )

While I didn't purchase ANYTHING that disappointed me to my personal interests, there are some games that would have disappointed me had I not only rented them:

-Halo: ODST
The Gameplay was there, the content was not. As an owner of Halo 3, all it contained for me was the short campaign and a new mode (Firefight) that didn't have matchmaking. A fun rental.

-Resident Evil 5
The content was there pretty well with this one, but the controls were chunky. Another fun rental, but sometimes infuriating control.

rezenu5308d ago

we won needs to grow up and go play some games.

ico925307d ago (Edited 5307d ago )

errm didnt mega man 9 come out in 2008 ?

DelbertGrady5307d ago

Killzone 2 isn't even close to MW2, with it's broken controls and generic gameplay. It's great to look at and sh*t to play.

y0haN5307d ago

RFG is an amazing game, it does more than you could want. It didn't disappoint me at all.

SilentNegotiator5307d ago

Yes, I'm sure that's what your buddies on Xbox Republic told you, but they haven't played it either.

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chase1675308d ago

Call duty MW2
Take Left 4 Dead 2
The Saboteur
Tekken 6
Brutal Legend

xabmol5308d ago

That I was disappointed by Brutal Legend. :(

The only game I was "wrong" about this year. =/

Saaking5308d ago

I actually enjoyed Brutal Legend. I know some people didn't like the RTS elements, but I found them kinda fun. Of course, I'd say it's a rental at best.

DelbertGrady5307d ago

I loved Brütal Legend up until the RTS elements started taking over. The latter half of the game felt like it was pieced together in a hurry.

y0haN5307d ago

"Take Left 4 Dead 2"?

You just copied and pasted that from the guy in 1.0 didn't you..