This Week's Famitsu News

SEEDS Inaba interview
-- Kamiya and Mikami are working on a big title(s)
-- no PS2 support, projects will tend to be multi-platforms

Tekken 5 DR ONLINE (PS3, PSN download)
-- 2800 Yen, 1000 yen if people has downloaded the previous Tekken
-- FREE online match
-- online ranking
-- date are not decided yet

Soul Calibur Legends (Wii, TBA)
-- New character Isuka introduced
-- Story setting between Soul Edge and Calibur

Time Crisis 4 (PS3, 2007)
-- Guncon 3 also revealed
-- AC mode 100% port
-- Mission mode: Rush will be the main character

Sengoku Musou 2 ??? (PS2, AUG 23)

Votoms (PS2, BNGI)
-- 1st / 3rd views changeable

DS Black Cats - 6/6/6/6
DS Itadaki Streets DS - 9/9/9/9
PSP Smash Court 3 - 8/8/8/8

PS2 Growlanser VI - 6/7/6/6
Wii Hajime no Ippo - 6/7/6/6
Wii Go! Go! Minon - 5/6/6/5
PS3 Folks Souls - 8/9/8/8

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Phantom_Lee4739d ago

Folks Souls got pretty good reviews

rukusa4739d ago

lol I shouldnt be saying this but I cant help myself... *ahem*... "it begins..."

Antan4739d ago

Nice score for Folksoul.

Babylonian4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I hope Folkore turns out to be a great game. Cause it looks really interesting.

DrWan4739d ago

wow, nice folksoul, the first Killer app for ps3