PS2's last RPG Summon Night Granthese: trailer, 57 images

A new trailer and 57 screens and art shots of what many are calling the PS2's last RPG, Summon Night Granthese.

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sinncross4228d ago

the ps2 games just don't stop...

the animation in the fmv's looks clean, and the action element of the RPG looks decent enough.

I wish there would be a PSN release though... it would also most likely be more profitable for them in the long run. Regardless i'll keep a look out for reviews to see how this shapes up.

Myst4228d ago

Yeah sad to see that it may very well be the last, it will be like saying farewell to that system.

Though if it is indeed the last developers could still do PSN releases which is good also. Perhaps this one may see the light of day on PSN.

Either way the game looks pretty good, and more than likely I may very well end up picking it up.

Redempteur4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

and another summon night game that won't be translated ..

i'm happy this game get a release but still...

EDIT ...
ARGH :just saw the trailer ..that's sad ..i realised that all summonnight game had high production values and huge replay values...

and this one deosn't seems any différent.
NIce voice work , some cool summons and what seems to be a cool story ...
and flight-plan isn't big enough to release it translasted by itself ...

reintype4228d ago

Looks really good, now if only they would localise it.

Hopefully this would be a true JRPG, with towns, exploration and sidequests galore.

bdog81214228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

wow looks quite good for it being on an almost 10 year console.

capn_crunch4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Japanese VA's sound like they did a really good job on this. I hope they include a sub track if it gets a US release.

Did anyone else notice the opening credits... This game has "sing-like talking" :D

sashimi4228d ago

Looks awesome, i hope there is a U.S. release. But why would it be the Ps2's last rpg game?i hope not.

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