Where the hell is Half-Life 2: Episode 3?

It's been over 26 months since Episode Two was released on PC and Xbox 360. With next to no information about Half-Life 2: Episode Three New Game Network takes at a look at the possible reasons for the delay and when we might see the first person shooter released. Over five years have passed since the release of Half-Life 2.

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Pandam0bile4231d ago

It's gonna be hard to come up with a suiting ending for what is widely praised as the best game of all time.

If Valve need the time to get it done, give them the time. The last thing anyone wants is a rushed ending to a Half-Life game.

Genesis54231d ago

Well I'm waiting patiently. I have been playing through the Orange box over the holidays. It's only my second play through. First on PC though. I have played alot of games in my life but Half Life is something special. I don't think any other game has captivated me as much as the HL series.

qface644231d ago

20 bucks says they release a Left 4 Dead 3 or a Team Fortress 3 or something along those lines before episode 3 is even announced

snake_eater4231d ago

in order to finish l4d2 in 1 year they had to sacrifice something, most of the half life team (and maybe other teams) moved over to l4d2.

maybe this is microshaft fault too, i dont know...

On the other hand i hope that valve is already working on HL3, i dont want to wait another 4/5 years for f**k sakes.

Charmers4231d ago

I have to disagree with you here Pandam0bile I think Valve have had plenty of time to get episode 3 done. This is now the 3rd year we are waiting for a "6 hour expansion pack". If we were waiting for Half Life 3 I would say "yeah they probably need a bit more time" but this isn't a new game.

Everything is pretty much there for the game so there really is no excuse for there to be 3 years between episodes. I know you like Valve and I will admit I like steam but sorry in this case "give them time" doesn't cut it, they have had 3 years so far.

DeadlyFire4231d ago

Its possible. Could make Ep 3 a standalone expansion with a new game engine. Its not the first time something like that has been done. Would be awesome if so. Either way I am sure it will be great, but I don't expect it to be released alone. Something is likely to be bundled with it.

jmd7494231d ago

it better have 10 plus hours worth of gameplay, unlike ep1and2 which only had 5hrs a piece. They were supposed to be episodic and most importantly FREQUENT in their releases!!!

darthv724231d ago

it is being reworked for natal support. haven't you guys seen the vid already?

hate_me4231d ago

With the amount of time between Half-Life 2 and the announcement of Half-Life 3,I think episode 3 is going to be Half-Life 3. If they bring out Episode 3, there will most likely be a year (or more) before releasing Half-Life 3 because Valve does take their sweet time with games.

Charmers4231d ago

Nah that can't be Episode 3 the source engine doesn't look like good :-p

Maddens Raiders4231d ago

easy there cowboy - you're getting a little too wrapped up in your own game love / obsession / hype.

Theonik4231d ago

I really think Valve has really messed up on the idea of episodic gaming. The whole point of this was to give us shorter and cheaper games at shorter intervals.

Shorter games - Check
Cheaper - Check
Regular intervals - not check

What is the point of making shorter games when it still takes them forever to finish each one?

4230d ago
ReservoirDog3164230d ago

I'm guessing it's gonna be announced at this E3.

It seems like a good enough time.

I hope anyways (see my bio).

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tdrules4231d ago

for anyone whoever questions where a VALVe game is, I give you:


Raf1k14231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Didn't they say they went with episodic content so they could bring us something every 18 months or so instead of having to wait years for a sequal?

edit: "It’s easier on the team. They have more fun; they can feel like they’re getting things out to customers sooner, so it’s actually an easier project for us than, say, the five years that we went through on Half-Life 2." from paragraph 6 in (sorry, couldn't find the 18 month quote)

Don't get me wrong, I love Valve games too but hasn't it been 5 years since the release of HL2? We've had 2 episodes so far and still no news on the third. I was really hyped for the third after the way the second ended and the tie-in with Portal so I am dissappointed that theres no news on it yet but I'm still pretty excited for when the next one is released.

Jamescagney4231d ago

Yeah that's what I thought as well, I understand they want to make sure it's going to be top notch but this goes against what the point of episodic content was going to be about. It's been 5 years since HL2 came out, and as much as I liked the first 2 episodes the amount of time waiting for the episodes to appear is the amount of time most full games take to be made, which is frankly ridiculous.

Raf1k14231d ago

Well, when it is released there'll be a lot of people expecting it to be absolutely amazing considering the amount of time they'll have been waiting.

peeps4231d ago

tbh it would make sense to release an orange box type thing or at least games near each other i.e. episode 3, tf3, new counterstrike, new dod? etc obv making use of the new engine (i assume it's a new engine and not source for 3 :p)

Raf1k14231d ago

I'm not so sure about the new engine. It would be great if they do have a completely new engine as Source was amazing when it was first debuted but the point in Source was so that it would continue to evolve and stand the test of time.

bjornbear4231d ago

quite a let down...feels almost as if they moved onto do other things like L4D instead...not that i mind

but EP 3 better be a full game, or something, no way am i rebuying HL2 just to play EP 3 unless its HUGE.

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