Tour of Safari on Windows

Yesterday, Apple announced the 3.1 Beta for Safari on Windows along with a Mac version. In case you're afraid of downloading a Beta, and TechAnise doesn't blame you. Follow the link for TechAnise's full tour.

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Lord Anubis4735d ago

i don't quite agree with the tour, its based more on his personal opinion rather than a non biased tour. My experience with Safari was pleasant it is a fact that loads pages quicker then firefox but I'll continue to use firefox because i've grown fond of it and its apps.

ITR4735d ago

Usually whatever goes into FF ends up on Safari eventually since they have the same base code.
If FF gets update Safari gets it.

FF and Safari on Mac are basically the same speed.

BIadestarX4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Keep defending safari... Safari does not have the same basecode as FF or pretty much any browser. Safari's CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc is not the same. Heck, even Ajax(XMLHttpRequest) must be coded different in Safari.

IE had lots of non-compliant w3c code which caused many pages to work on IE and not on other browsers.... but here we have a browser that will not run pages that work perfectly fine in FireFox, Mozilla, IE6 or IE7...

And what's the benefit of using a browser which speed is incredible and yet it can display 90% of the UI rich pages.

I hope the only reason why this browser sucks so bad is because is a beta and they bring it up to w3c standard.

Also, they better add a way to debug javascript... cause now when there is an error on your web page... you can't even debug it or even see the errors.

here is a table.. showing how safari, "have the same base code" (LOL).

Have you try adding a onclick="[function name]" to an element in safari?

I do this everyday... bottom line safari does not have the same basecode as mozilla browsers.

Blasphemy4735d ago

It loads faster then IE also. The only problem I have with it is that I can't seem to post on gamespot forums while using it.