Game Arena: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

As any Legend of Zelda fan would know, a new LoZ means more attacking, more puzzles, more side quests and one more gimmick to differentiate this game from all of the others. Spirit Tracks, the second LoZ game available for the DS, is built on the same engine and features the same stylus-only controls as Phantom Hourglass before it, and uses the same cel-shaded art style first featured in Wind Waker. The gimmick this time around is the train used to travel across the world, similar to the boat in Phantom Hourglass complete with cannon - although naturally it can only travel on train tracks.

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Feral Gamer4231d ago

Low score just for hits. I am enjoying the game.

ehkinoh4231d ago

I've been away for the holidays and have been playing my DS a good bit.

There is no reason this game should get such a low score. I could imagine some disliking the stylus controls, but other than that it's another solid portable Zelda.

multipayer4231d ago

Yeah, score is BS, a zelda game hasn't held my attention this good since wind waker.

raiden_934231d ago

This review doesn't really justify it's 6/10. I played this game and despite it's typical Zelda conventions it actually tries some new things and in my opinion is actually better than Phantom Hourglass.

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