PS3 vs. 360 - The Final Verdict

Gamers have argued throughout this entire generation, which started in 2005 with the 360 becoming the first 7th generation console released, and 'til this day the arguments continue. While both consoles claim to be superior to one another, both consoles are essentially the same. At their core they do the same things, which is play video games. Both consoles offer an online marketplace where you can purchase games, movies and other downloadable items. Both consoles also play games in high definition and support Wi-Fi, HDMI and Ethernet. They both play DVD movies and CD's and they both offer a solid online community where you can play games online and interact with other gamers all over the world. Generally in a nutshell they are actually the same console if you really think about it.

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RedDragan4228d ago

If the authors intention was to cool the Console War then he/she is wasting their time.

In my opinion the PS3 is vastly superior to the 360 because of the multimedia capabilities it has. I know alot will say that the multimedia aspect is not important, but we all know that Nintendo and Microsoft will have Media Center abilities in their next consoles.

Facts are that Sony got there first with the Media Center and technology. PS3 is simply a better machine and to deny this by claiming they are the same is rediculous. The 360 cannot do what the PS3 can do without a big dent in the wallet because it was not designed for it in the first place, and even after this outlay of money their are many things the 360 still cannot do.

BrothaDave4228d ago

At least you put some thought into your response unlike some people. Thanks for reading even if you don't agree.

RememberThe3574228d ago

But I'm a gamer. I though that the PS2 was the superior system last gen and I still played the crap out of my Xbox. It's all about the games in the end and both systems have enough to keep me playing; that's all I need.

ukilnme4228d ago

@ RememberThe357

There is truth in them there words. Bubble up.

Greywulf4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

PS3 has better hardware, and unless the lineup for the 360 changes drastically, Its going to continue to take software due to their exclusive investment which M$ Neglected after the initial shock & awe head start launch.

I dont want to pretend that Im hyped as much for Alan Wake as I am God Of War 3, or Splinter cell more than Last Guardian. Sony did a good job keeping some of its diverse lineup pushing forward to bring gaming experiences like UC2/Killzone2, which you literally can't find with the Unreal Engine. Its just an insane amount of value goes into these tiles that push them above multiplatform engines.

I know people like to do the pedestrian "well they are both good!" but i'm sorry, 360 had a good run. Its not going anywhere anytime soon, and Microsoft will always invest more in advertisingthan actually game development & Quality control. But Theres definitely a quality difference that isn't found in technology that you aren't modling along the way. I mean most devs are just out for a quick buck, and it shows. Now I dont understand the math behind it, but for every Halo3 that sells 8 million, and a PS3 exclusive that "flops", Sony sure does keep them pushing out a level of quality & variety without any shortness in sight...

Wii is here to stay, the 360 is here to stay, and the PS3 is as well. Its just good to see the PS3 finally do what everyone knew it was capable of, the only thing the media can latch onto now is that its selling less than less expensive consoles in 1 part of the world. You just have way more media options on the PS3 than you do the 360, and they are free.

MS wants to paint a picture that it offers what the PS3 does for cheap, which is why its all about multiplatform gaming. But when you look at the exclusive reasons to own it. Well, its no contest. Kinda depends on how you want to measure imo. Its just silly when you want to make it about multiplatform gaming/netflix, when the basic modern PC is a better gaming machine than the 360, connected to a tv and everything. Luckily u don't need any super computers to run the Unreal Engine. And thanks consoles, there really aren't any developers pushing game engines, so that need to upgrade relies on whether or not your dual core machine with a basic 256mb videocard & 4 gigs of ram can run a game that the arcade 360 without HDD can, which it can, and in higher res. Which always matters right?

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BrothaDave4228d ago

the problem with that theory is that until devs start to utilize the ps3 and the ps3 becomes the standard and not the 360 none of that matters. exclusives will only do so much and you gotta look at sales. while the ps3 exclusive sales are good they are not great bar a few titles.

until third party devs start to utilize the ps3 like they could/should, then it is a lost cause and all that technological superiority is out the window.

Nick2120044228d ago

That was a great article, but there was one problem. That has to be one of the ugliest pictures I have seen............Oh wait! It seems someone used there new photoshop software to create a much nicer one :)