Nintendo Speculation | New Star Wars, Pool & Boxing on Wii?

According to and updated stock list at Hollywood Videos the Wii is to the following games this year: Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Pool Party, Showtime Boxing, Rebel Raiders, and Super Pickups.

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ITR4739d ago

SW anything would be awesome on the Wii.

EBGames lists pool party as well.

emptiness4739d ago

hopefully SWFU will be well refined so it doesn't look like puke or play like jack...i'm guessing it will since it's LucasArts and they aren't about to distribute Bantha Fodder to fans and gamers...yea, that was a gay poke at SW culture and it didn't work...

pool? i love billiards so i'm all for that would be sweet if it included a buttload of options like custom sticks, custom balls, custom felts (colored table tops), replay saves, party mode, fight mode, beer and babes mode... yea ok maybe not the last three unless its a comedy pool game but the others would be sweet, especially if it included sponsers like Viking, Olhausen, etc.

boxing? Wii already has a "fun" boxing game so this one better be licensed and have real boxers...and the controls better be damn good...again, custom stuff would be sweet like custom shorts, gloves, tattoos, rings, grills lol, or even create a boxer mode...

BrotherNick4739d ago

I want online play for Pool Party.

emptiness4739d ago

indeed, that would be sweet...worldwide tournament play would be killa