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crck4234d ago

Nice. Been waiting for an expansion with some meat to it. If its 15 hours then that's not bad but would have preferred about 25-30 if they really plan to charge $40 for it.

Saryk4234d ago

Awesome, I can't wait. Hopefully it will shed some light on continuing saga. Going to save the green backs for all of the PC games coming out.

Baka-akaB4234d ago

yeaah finally ! The bitsized quest like the warden's quest arent really up my taste and needs

Tony P4234d ago

Hope this turns out to be true. It'd be good to get a nice lengthy expansion instead of buying a bunch of short DLCs all the time.

DiffusionE4234d ago

I wouldn't exactly call a 15-hour game "lengthy" for an RPG whose main game takes more than 70-hours, even for an expansion pack which would probably cost $25 or more. If I'm gonna pay anything more than $20, I'd prefer it if it's at least somewhere between 25-35 hours worth of playtime.

Tony P4234d ago

I can sit here and complain that expansions aren't as lengthy as expansions for games of yore, but I'd rather just settle for the median "better than DLC".

DLC took me like an hour or two each to beat in DA:O. So 15 is a godsend if not ideal.

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The story is too old to be commented.