Crave: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Impressions

Crave writes: "You will be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of the Metal Gear series than I. In fact, you can check around this very website to find a handful of articles further proving my point (and to nerd out for a second, my ringtone is the MGS codec noise). So when a demo for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker hit the PSP in late September during the Tokyo Game Show, I was quick to jump on the chance to play it. However, it turned out the demo I'm referring to was only really playable by those who could read, or spoke Japanese. Bummer. But luckily for those who couldn't, Kojima Productions got hard at work on an English version of the same demo and it's finally come out. However, there are a lot of aspects of Peace Walker that don't really sit well with me."

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DatNJDom814227d ago

thats not good to hear. Kojima, you should of made it into a PS3 exclusive.

Meryl4227d ago

what do you expect them to do without a second analogue stick seriously??
I hope they do controls for the PS3 gamepad so we have an option to use the second stick.
Peace walker looks exceptional.

Milky Joe4227d ago

Obviously not a real MGS fan.

You have to fight through the pain!

But anyway, I found the controls pretty reasonable. Obviously a second analogue stick would be better, but using the face buttons to control the camera isn't THAT awkward. And anyway, I don't know what he's complaining about. Anyone remember the controls for MGS3? Couldn't aim and move at the same time, Circle being used to grab enemies but if you held it too hard you'd just slit their throats, not releasing squae slow enough when holding up an enemy would mean you accidently shot them. The controls weren't perfect but the game was still superb. I guess that's going to be thedealio here as well.

juggulator4227d ago

Lying down in MGS Peacewalker is a useless feature on any psp system. You can't move, shoot, or do anything. Eerything has been dumbed down in this game.

4218d ago