PlayDevil: Smash Cars PSN Review - R.C. cars in a big racing world

PlayDevil has posted a review of the PSN game "Smash Cars" which is a racing game with (R)adio (C)ontrolled cars.

Here's a snip:

"Smash Cars makes a good first impression. Your tiny R.C. monster truck is cute when juxtaposed against the life-sized beach and pier setting of the opening levels. Tearing around the track give a good sense of speed that combines well with the light nature of you diminutive car. Some how the floatier feel these small cars makes the game stand out from a lot of other arcade racers on the market and goes some of the way to excusing some of the cars more outlandish properties, such as the ability to jump (and the inclusion of nitro)."

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Maddens Raiders4726d ago (Edited 4726d ago )

"Unlocking extra cars I was hoping would be a solution to my difficulties with the single player game. Thus when I finally unlocked the final fastest car type I would finally start to feel a bit more confident. I was wrong. As I the cars unlocked and became more powerful the tracks became more challenging at a rate that seemed disproportionate."

this game doesn't deserve a 65/100 but rather an 85/100. The author and reviewer obviously isn't that good at controlling his car (admittedly) and when you can't do that, then yes most of the fun can leave the experience rather quickly - so I can see why he let his frustration out in the review score & this is where most reviews go wrong and why they are difficult to trust overall.

Let me tell you, that if you're decent or better at Motorstorm(s) this little game is a blast. The physics take a seasoned racer only a few intense rounds to get used to (doing flips and tricks increases boost) but other than that the handling and maneuverability (in my experience) was eerily similar to that of Motorstorm(s) in some ways. Again, don't believe the score on this one or let it deter you from getting it. The only problem I have is finding more buddies of mine that actually like to race against me.