Diehard GameFAN: Buzz Quiz World Review (PSP)

Buzz Quiz World is a fun and entertaining quiz game that fans of the genre should love, as it offers up a good amount of options for solo or multiple players in a pleasant package, though its not without its flaws. The game looks and sounds nice and is easy enough to play that anyone should be able to jump right in within seconds without an issue. There are plenty of multiplayer modes, both online and off, to allow you to play with friends or strangers when you're looking for some competition, and there are an acceptable amount of single player modes available to keep the game interesting for a while, and the game is charming enough to make you come back to it for a little while on top of that. However, the game is lacking some polish, like the inability to change your name or the lack of animated character avatars, that make the game feel less interesting than its console counterparts. Further, thanks to some odd issues like the inability to download MyBUZZ! quizzes to the console for play anytime, the inability to disable audio and video quizzes when they would be undesirable, and the fact that video questions repeat frequently enough to be noticeable before the repeated questions might be, the game simply doesn't feel polished enough to be a must-have for anyone but the quiz show fan. Buzz Quiz World is a fun game for people who love quiz shows, and it offers some solid fun alone or with friends, but it doesn't make a compelling argument to own it over the console versions, and it's simply not polished enough for anyone but a fan of the genre to give it a second look.

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