3D Dot Game Heroes Update and DLC Delayed

"From Software announced they were delaying their 3D Dot Game Heroes holiday update on Christmas Eve, a day before the patch was scheduled to go online."

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Kamikaze1353214d ago

I thought I read "3D Dot Game Heroes delayed" lol...I'm thinking the US version was delayed. I hope somehow it gets bumped up and released in April =D

Briefcase Joe3214d ago

I thought the same thing. I'm really looking forward to this game.

Godmars2903214d ago

"A game that has yet to be released in the West is getting delayed DLC and an update. This has no impact on the Western release."

Do updates for imported titles work?

Baka-akaB3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

uh maybe it's important to people who imported it ? I dont see how it wouldnt qualify as news . Add it is certainly far more interesting and useful than the bunch of columns and opinions that make of up no half of what was once a news gathering site .

Briefcase Joe3214d ago

I don't know if you can update with an imported copy, but I thought people who are following this game might like to read about the updates the game is getting.

Godmars2903214d ago

Anything the Japanese get as an update will be included on the disc of the later Western version. With a few more improvements besides.

Bazookajoe_833213d ago

I have imported many games that all update.

robotnik3213d ago

I imported Demon's Souls in its day and I remember it updated.

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