30° Reports: Professional Gaming: Making Money Selling MMO Accounts

A lot of young people today spend a large amount of their free time gaming. This has lead to a surge of students training to work in the games industry; there's nothing better than playing games for a living right? Unfortunately actually playing the games rarely comes into question even though it is the dream job a huge proportion of people want.

If you are prepared to dedicate your time properly, then it is possible to make money gaming and live the envied life of a professional gamer.

If you play MMOs you know that a huge number of players simply give up after a week or so of gaming after they become overwhelmed by the monotony of grinding. Some of these players want the money and power that high-level players have, but don't want to spend such a long time getting there. This is where you can step in.

If you're a true gamer and you hold the belief that the ends justifies the means and are prepared to grind your character to the bone in order to get to the level or attain the weapon you've been fantasising about you might be able to make some money.

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Muckbeast3215d ago

This is an interesting look at the underground economy of account sales.


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