Bungie's Marathon coming to XBLA?

According to Xbox-Achiv, the USK (aka the German ESRB) has rated Marathon: Durandal.

Marathon, if you haven't already wet yourself with glee, is a classic Bungie franchise. (Yeah, they actually made games before a man in green armor changed everything.)

Marathon originally debuted in 1994 on the Macintosh and completed the trio of releases in 1996. Halo owes much of its genesis to Marathon, so all you Halo junkies, get to learnin'.

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iceice1234239d ago

Would be great to finally get it.

Diselage4239d ago

This should be a lot of fun. To be honest i can't believe they've been putting it off for this long.

fjtorres4239d ago

The original only ran on Macs, so practically nobody got it. ;-)
This should be great.

Diselage4238d ago

Well it's not like they were used to ever playing games on macs, probably gave all the teaches that use macs a heart attack.

Diselage4238d ago

Does any one know what kind of MP the original had? Because when it comes to XBLA that is what usually defines a games longevity.

iceice1234238d ago

From what I could tell it was just straight up slayer.

Foulacy4238d ago

marathon was the $#@*! i played a lot of this as a child, great game. i actually found a version of marathon that i could get to run on my pc just to reminisce.

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The story is too old to be commented.