DIG: Tony Hawk: Ride Review

DIG writes: "Now Tony Hawk: Ride comes along with a completely new gameplay mechanic – a skateboard controller. In many ways, the game is nearly superfluous to the controller, as that seems to be where much of the development focus was, and understandably so. It is a great solution, but far from perfect in its execution. The setup took far longer than it should have, and even then I had to recalibrate a couple of times."

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Risque3215d ago

Seems a charitable review (and score). I am interested to know if they really think the peripheral is a good "solution" to whatever problem they think Tony Hawk has. The series has clearly always been arcadey, and most gamers have no clue how to monkey skating moves (nor any desire to). Honestly, it has always seemed to me like the pad was never an issue - it was always stagnating gameplay and bad new ideas.