Capcom Paints Rosy 2010 Picture

PlayStation LifeStyle :

"In preparation for the new calendar year, Capcom published the text from their latest investor Q&A meeting, conveniently found on their website. The main focus of the Q&A was for Capcom to elaborate and highlight key points of their overall 2010 company strategy."

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Sev3216d ago

Capcom sees the prices of games going down? Hell yeah. Capcom sees a rebound when the next gen consoles appear? Understandable.

Capcom is speaking about next gen consoles like they will be debuted in 2010. That's debuted, not released.

Do you really think it will be so early? I sure hope not, the console war has just started heating up. Too much untapped hardware with the PS3.

Sadly it seems that MS and Nintendo might be forced to released new consoles sooner due to the fact they didn't "future proof" their console.

This might be a double edged sword for Sony. They'll have the tech that is relevant for the next 3-5 more years. But this "future proof" investment they put in the PS3 might keep them from releasing another console at the same time as the other main manufacturers.

So, who will drop the first bomb (console)? MS or Sony?

RKRigney3216d ago

I hope that this cycle lasts another 3 years.... it'll probably only last two, though. I think if Sony releases their new console any sooner than 3 years from now people will see it as a sign of defeat for the PS3, though, especially after their claims of a 10-year lifespan for the device.

ps3gamerkyle3215d ago

That's the tidbit that really got my attention. I doubt it would be anything significant, and would probably apply to PC / downloadable titles.

Sev3215d ago

Well if Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition is a sign of things to come, then we will be paying $50 for console games until the new consoles come out.

In this tough economy, $10 makes a big difference. Especially when you have so many good games coming out. $10 off 5 games will net you yet another game. That means a lot of gamers.

I personally think a drop in software prices will ultimately spark more sales.

decimalator3215d ago

That's where people don't understand the difference between a "10 year lifecycle" and "10 years between console launches".

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DrRobotnik3216d ago

DMC4 sucked, RE5 just didn't feel like RE anymore, SF4 was ok but not WOW and MM9, even though it was nice, kinda piss me off when they took the 8-bit route. I think they just need to go back to basics, and stop trying to please everyone.

Sev3216d ago

I didn't like RE5 at first, and I'll be the first to agree that it felt more actiony and westernized. Overall it was a great game. Capcom knows quality.

DMC4 was a dud, mainly because it was released too early this gen. Not enough dev time, and the story/characters sucked.

MM9 rocked. Some things are great as a classic. They should have waited on SFIV and just released this Super SFIV as the original.

ps3gamerkyle3215d ago

I'm not a big fan of Capcom / the Resident Evil series, but I enjoyed Resident Evil 5.

i_am_interested3216d ago

am i the only person who feels like lost planet 2 is going to look and feel outdated on consoles whenever it comes out? ive had that demo on my ps3 for months and they havent even announced a date yet to my knowledge

ps3gamerkyle3215d ago

I didn't like Lost Planet, and I doubt the sequel will be any good.

3215d ago