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Examiner: Buzz! just keeps on hitting the PlayStation brand this year. After releasing an amazing PS3 offering earlier this fall, Sony has decided to bring more quizzes to PSP owners with a downloadable edition of Buzz! Quiz World. Losing the trademarked buzzers in this handheld offering, players will instead resort to answering questions via the face buttons in this portable rendition of the Buzz! series. Packing new questions, quizzes, MyBuzz integration, online multiplayer, and several other modes, Buzz! Quiz World is looking to repeat the success it found on the PS3, but this time on the PSP.

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starven3220d ago

I just don't get these games.

wondroushippo3220d ago

That online quiz feature sounds cool, if a future version could implement it in a better way.

MattyF3220d ago

That would be ideal to see happen. Hopefully Sony does add it into the next PSP version. They are fun quiz games to play with friends and family.

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