Xbox360 Fanboy Gets Owned While Defending Microsofts System Sales Just Isn't Enough

Microsoft has come into this industry with one goal in mind and that's to be not only number #1 but to be respected. Xbox showed that Microsoft had the potential but now with the Xbox360 Microsoft has become a powerhouse and also a thorn in Sony's strategy.

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Bungie3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

lol hiphopgamer is a funny dude

how could 360 fanboys get owned !!!

they're not last place

funny how he let his friend to act like a "360 fanboy" just to "OWN" him

deadreckoning6663215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I like this, not because I'm a fanboy but because I'm fan of owning people who try making an argument without solid factual evidence. Any individual could make an argument why the PS3 or the 360 are the best choices for the hardcore gamer to be honest.

If you ask the average joe on the street why the PS3 is better the only point they make is "the graphics are better"

If you ask the average joe on the street why the 360 is better they say "cause all my friends are on it"

There are many gamers out there who really don't know what makes their console better than the other or they do know but they just can't present it in an organized fashion.

@click2play- lmao yea the 360 owners will figure it out someday that they were being nickel and dimed. The sad thg is that they'll do it all over gain when the 720 comes out. If M$ is smart, they will come out FIRST next-generation cause if they don't, they'll be in trouble.

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RememberThe3573215d ago

And it wasn't plural he was talking about the guy in the video.

bjornbear3215d ago

because they have a the mentality that the "1st" "2nd" and "last place" means anything,

when in reality, to true gamers, it means squat,

so as long as the "last console" is selling enough to maintain in the market, which I assure you, it damn well is ;)

So yeah, you think 2nd place means anything? Come 1st, and then boast.

Till then, you are all being owned, every single day.

kaveti66163215d ago

It's true that sales don't make a great game, but another argument is price.

How come people can argue that Xbox 360 is terrible because of the price of XBL? How can you say XBL sucks because it costs money?

People tend to bring money into the situation one way or the other - either they argue about consoles sold, consoles shipped or games sold.

People say PSN is better than XBL because it's free. Is that true? Does that make it better or does that just make it more affordable?

I hate that XBL costs money. I hate that companies like to swindle gamers, but if they release a good product, I'm not going to say it sucks just because I'm not happy with the price.

People argue about quantity all the time here.

"Oh, Modern Warfare 2's campaign is only 5 hours long. Therefore, it sucks." Isn't time a quantitative variable?

Same goes for Heavenly Sword. The game is short, but it was great.

I really never cared that the 360 was winning or losing. The only reason I care now is because I'm afraid that in the future games are going to be broken down into episodes (as the OnLive CEO said) and people will be forced to pay more money for everything.

That's the only reason I would accept if someone said they hated a particular company.

SilentNegotiator3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

They bring up some good points, but they do this for 25 minutes? Holy cow.

"I dont get the belts...
do you win them?"
........Certainly not dignity.

AKNAA3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

"the wii says hi rite Back" LOL!

wasn't the 360 about the same price as the wii? also with a year head start?? now whats their excuse?!

oops! erased my original post...

Bungie3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

"Take away the year head start and they will be... "


the Wii say HI

iamtehpwn3215d ago

He DID totally pwned that Xbox360 fan.

DaTruth3215d ago

The point wasn't that MW2 sucks because it has a five hour campaign. The point was that reviewers docked Heavenly Sword and bashed it for its 5 hour campaign... sh!t, they bashed Uncharted for its 9 hour campaign!

Every time a PS3 exclusive has a less than 10 hour campaign, these guys deduct points. Why not with MW2? Why not with Halo 3?

Saaking3215d ago

I'm sorry, but the arguments made by 360 fans are just plain dumb. The only thing they use is sales, sales, sales AND they ONLY use NA sales not world wide (you now since NA= world right/s). It's just plain silly and that is why it's so easy to "own" them.

Chubear3215d ago

I thought you were a stand up guy. The kind of guy that keeps God in mind and heart as he struggles to take care of his business but now I see this and I'm am applaud! You're dead wrong dude and you know it!

How are you going to call yourself a God fearing man and brutalize a gamer like this? How do you live with yourself? The dude was bleeding from every orifice of his body and you just kept mercilessly laying bricks on the poor guy's gonads. That's repulsive dude.

Next time, pick on someone your own size. I bet I won't see you battling it out with another PS3 gamer when talking about which exclusive PS3 game is the best though uh? Instead you take on this poor decrepit gamer. The damned thing looked like Mike Tyson Vs. my 100lbs next door neighbour match.

Nah, how you gonna slaughter some guys like this and put the thing on full blast for the world to see this humiliation? You're wrong dude and I'm calling you out.

DAYUM!!! did you see his eye ball hanging off the eye socket?!.. you're wrong dude, you're wrong.

Immortal3213215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

And no homo but I love HHG the fact that he contains real hip hop and gaming. A guy like me can't ask for more, but to only get better.

finally a discussion about what is the better console in a real gamers way, "a fan of gaming."

we all know a fan of xbox would say the same thing and the same to the ps3fan no denying.

let the haters hate

@Chubear : I love your vocab I'm reading your post 5times truly the words of art. Do you rap by any means?

mikeslemonade3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

99% of 360 fanboys can't defend their system properly. And PS3 will outsell 360 this generation. If 360 and PS3 are out for 2 more years PS3 will have the lead by then. When Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Gran Turismo 5 are out in Japan that will be the final boost that will PS3 above 360 in sales. That boost will make the PS3 sell like a PSP or a DS there.

DrRobotnik3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

4 360's later....I know quality and I Know sh!t.I totally agree that that PlayStation brand is quality. and people who latch on to 360 are just old Dreamcast fans pissed that Sony killed Sega.Hell, I got friends that are xbox fans, that never want to play a ps3 game cause they're scared they might like it.

morganfell3215d ago

How can people make the price of xbox live an issue? Oh how quickly they forget.

What was the number one complaint about the PS3 when it launched? Thank you, case close. Next.

The laughable thing was that only narrowminded, shortsighted I need it now members of the infant generation thought the PS3 cost more. At that time the war was heavy between Bluray and HD DVD. If you added up everything on the 360 needed to catch what the PS3 offered for one price, tossed in 4 years of Live, the 360 cost a thousand bucks.

kaveti66163215d ago

@ Morganfell

Son, is there a point to your comment?

Oh let me guess. "But but but, the Xbox 360 fanboys were making fun of the PS3 because it was expensive, so it's okay for me to make fun of them for their XBL being expensive."

Is that it?

Don't waste your time justifying your hypocrisy. 2 wrongs don't make a right.

And learn a little about who you are replying to. You didn't close any cases with me. I am not now, nor have I ever been a fanboy of any sort, and never really criticized the PS3 for being too expensive. Rather, I lamented that I myself could not afford it. So, peddle your counter-biases to someone who gives a damn.

morganfell3215d ago

If you are going to stick it out there then do not be afraid to get it whacked off. You placed yourself into a series of remarks that is clearly founded in bias. Stop being childish simply because you reap the results of having stepped into the fray.

You also need to grow some thicker skin and a modicum of reasoning. Where did I say how quickly "you" or "Kaveti" forgets. Can't you read? My comments were not directed at you but rather at the people that made the remarks about PS3 pricing. Although I quoted you I was not directing my remarks toward your behavior?


Do you fit the bill of the people I am discussing that feel the attack on one pricing is just and the other is not? No? You claim not to be one of those person. Then why think you are the centerpiece?

Knock the persecution chip off of your shoulder. If I am talking about you being a certain type of person I will direct my comments at you rather than borrowing a quote from you.

FamilyGuy3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

The 360 had a year all to itself, duh, it helped them immensely.
The Ps3 and the wii came out about a week from each other and the wii sold much faster than the PS3 and even passed the 360. Duh

But the PS3 came out at $599 and the Wii at $250. The 360 was even $400 at launch, a year ahead of the PS3. Everything that's happened so far makes sense simply because of the circumstances each console was under.

To reiterate:
360 was first, had NO competition for a year.
The Wii had competition but was the cheapest "new" console by a large amount and had a fanbase for it's mario, metroid, zelda, ect titles.
The Ps3 had competition, the highest price, unfamiliar technology for developers (meaning no games that were immediately impressive) AND it's only saving grace was a some-what loyal fanbase.

Everything that's happened so far (the sales numbers) makes sense.

pixelsword3215d ago

If you want to say the "year head start" is a lame excuse, then so is the "Microsoft just got into the gaming market" excuse.

kaveti66163215d ago

Again, did your points actually answer anything?

Oh, how easily people forget...

What the hell are you getting at there? Are you one of those people who bides their time for "the tables to turn" so you can start running your mouth off to the people who spurned you?

Like I said before, 2 wrongs don't make a right. If your entire persona on this site is solely to counter the Xbox fanboys by sinking to their level, then you're no better than they are.


morganfell3214d ago

You need to go back and look at the number of times I stated "I am a big PS3 fanboy." Yes, I own a 360 and a Wii and have proven so multiple times. But I back Sony and have never, ever, made any bones about that. I am not the one dripping in hypocrisy here. Neither am I here to counter anyone.

The fact a fanboy pointed out a truth does not lessen the validity of that truth. And the fact that you jumped the gun without having properly read my comment still stands in evidence.

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ASSASSYN 36o3215d ago

Here we go with another WTF title.

deadreckoning6663215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

"Take away the year head start and they will be... "

LOL, the "what if" scenarios have already begun. I prefer the PS3, but to say that theres NOTHING on M$ thats "quality" crazy to me. Shadow Complex, Fable, Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell, Crazckdown, L4D. Yes, most of these are also on PC, but there not on PS3 so their 360 exclusives in the sense that there not available on the PS3.

@Bungie- Well yeah, but remember the Wii launched at a cheaper price than both the 360 and PS3. And the Wii was the first console to launch with motion controls. Of course the public will go crazy.

@kaveti- You just owned alot of PS3 fanboys with that Modern Warfare 2 comment lol.

@Hiphopgamer- U completely owned that guy. He didn't even know what the hell hes talking about.

3215d ago
Johnny Rotten3215d ago

oh gosh, now there's two wrestling belts... wtf?

PirateThom3215d ago

It's a slobberknocker, King. Both titles are on the line and... oh my God, damn you Triple H, DAMN YOU TO HELL! HE'S GONNA KILL HIM! OH MY GOD!

Perkel3215d ago

haha i see contributor and i don't even need to read/watch rest... he is livin in imagination land...

Dutch Boogie3215d ago

lol HHG owns the dude so hard with actual facts and all he can say is xbox360 is better bla bla bla. It's funny cause even though he speaks the truth, he sounds like he'd riding Sony's d!ck hard.