GameInformer: Again: Eye of Providence Hands-On Preview

Developer Cing is no stranger to crafting mystery adventure games on the Nintendo DS. Their newest title, Again: Eye of Providence, continues their puzzle-heavy legacy while overhauling the art-style. With all the flair of a cheesy CSI TV show, Again offers fans of story-heavy quests a chance to unravel the enigma of a serial killer by stepping into the shoes of a paranormally gifted FBI agent.

19 years ago a killer going by the alias of Providence began a string of murders which remain unsolved to this day. It's up to FBI agent J and his partner Kate to grill everyone from grizzled police detectives to withdrawn witnesses in order to shed light on a fresh crime which closely resembles the original Providence murders. Are they dealing with a copycat killer or the resurgence of the infamous homicides?

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