The Latest Worldwide Console Sales

VGChartz post their estimated global sales of the Wii, Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3.

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TheExecutive4732d ago

10 million sold! Congrats xbox. 3.42 million for the PS3 is kinda weak. However, if you consider that it is just riding on name recognition until they can actually get some original games out it isnt too bad. The wii is still selling very well.

Like I have said before, none of this matters right now. this holiday season will tell the tale of these consoles.

Diselage4732d ago

I think 8 million for the Wii is pretty impressive.

SolaceFate4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

If you consider the fact that the PS3 came out a year after the Xbox360 did, and if the PS3 sales keep going like they are now, at this time next year the PS3 will have sold more consoles then the Xbox360 did in the same time period!

RedSeven4732d ago

I don't know why you have so many 'Disagrees.' It seems like good logic. I have no idea why people disagree with that one..

kewlkat0074732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

1. The PS3 will ALWAYS be 1 year later than the Xbox 360, How long will that argument be valid? That means Sony had Extra time(nuff said). Plu sit was their fault with Blu-Ray issues, not MS's.

2. The Xbox had supply shortage constrants, the first couple of months or so, (which was MS's fault, just as Sony had issues with Blu-Ray,(which you can point out. It took a while to have them 360's sit on shelves. That's why, it good to wait after a year. But you can compare the Wii and PS3, if you think that's more VALID.

3. The PS3 is overflowing in the stores since day 1 and is not selling as most would of expected since launch. Was the PS3 ever SOLD OUT?

4. Plus so many factors effect the "wait till the price drops and games come out comments" because the competition, that is in a better position to offer these options, might Counter-Attack.

*We just have to wait and see in November how Both consoles fare after a year. Ms's first year is over, and if Sony does just as good with sales, then Congrats to them. Hopefully the price we be at $400 by the time I purchase.

fenderputty4732d ago

You can't use that train of thought though. In the first year or two of conception, the one year gap can be used just fine. After 3-4 years, the gap decreases comparatively to it's lifespan. It's the same concept with dating women 5 years younger then you. In high school that sounds ridiculous. Once you're 30 it doesn't matter so much. Right now the one year gap makes a large difference. After fours years the gap plays less of a role though.

kewlkat0074732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

People wil be using that Excuse for everytime MS's strategy (to come out early) benefits the Xbox360 in whatever way.

1. In regards to "BUSINESS STRATEGY" and "COMPETITIVNESS" why would any business wait to launch a PRODUCT at the same time of the COMPETITOR if it doesn't have to? If they wanna beat them to sales, clients, users, and market-share?

2. It's is not by accident, MS delivered their product EARLY. This was part of their STRATEGY, since Sony holds most of the Market-Share wih the PS1/2 fans.(hey I'm one of them)

a. You can't "undermine" the Competitors STRATEGY because they beat you to the MARKET with a product.

3. Just like the PSone/two did very well the last 10 years, and here comes the little poor XBOX, which nobody gave it a chance. You think SONY gave a Funk about MS coming into the GAME LATE? This is Business were talking about. There are strategies involved.

EXAMPLE A. - IF a Fighter steps into the RING with another Boxer, and one of the BOXERS were LAZY in their TRAINING and didn't put much EFFORT in their GAME, why should you feel sorry for that fighter, after he gets his @ss whipped? Oh it's not his Fault he wasn't Prepared. Let's say If "DON KING is the PROMOTER", you think he is gonna give a hoot?, all he is looking at is his CASH.

EXAMPLE B. - Same as a RACE, when you loose in the END..what will be the EXCUSE thorughout the race till the end---"Ehhh I wasn't ready>?"

This applies to a lot of different Examples in life and, somtimes Business is just that way.

END-You can't undermine the competition for lackluster effort on the part of the competitor, as well as a "not so well thoughout strategy", is all I'm saying.

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Sangheili854732d ago

I own a 360 and my best friend has a PS3 but damn the Wii is owning!! go wii go!

ElementX4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Well, I'm not about to become a Wiitard. I thought about ordering one online but I realize I don't want last gen graphics, even if I get to look like a [email protected]#king moron flailing my arms around to play. Arm flailing might be fun, but not on last gen graphics. Now that HDTV is becoming more popular, I expect Wii sales to drop and 360 sales to increase.

PS3 is doing pretty poorly, considering how much people claim they LOVE Playstation. Come on, worldwide, less than 4 million?

Anyway, i'm sure 360 sales will also increase after GTA:IV (you know all those thugs want to play it but they'll have to sell more weed to buy a ps3) They can save $200 and pick up a handful of good 360 games for the same price ;)

Anyway, give me a price drop and more games (i'm not paying for potential) and I'll pick up a PS3.

Also, how come all the flamers in here talk like they're from the inner city and didn't grow up learning proper English? I swear, all this hip-hop sh!t is corrupting the inner city.


WoundedMoon4732d ago

"PS3 is doing pretty poorly, considering how much people claim they LOVE Playstation. Come on, worldwide, less than 4 million?"

Would you have applied the same judgement to the 360 which had sold nearly the same number of consols when it was 7 months on the market?

Let's give the PS3 3 times longer than we already have, and then we can pass judgements based on sales...

SmokeyMcBear4732d ago

you could always use the wiimote as an anal probe..with you and your butt sex


ElementX4732d ago

Well, out of all the tens of millions of PS2 owners, you'd think there would be higher PS3 sales no matter the cost of the system. When Xbox came out, it sold like what, maybe 20 some million? They've already reached half that number. I don't see the PS3 even making 12 million a year after launch.

SolaceFate4732d ago

The Wii is a good console, but the graphics are last generation, but the game play is what Nintendo is going for with the Wii and they seem to have it right on the spot. But the Wii lacks good games! I waited in line for the Wii only to find out that it would disappoint in the end because it just doesn't have the features that I want and need, like the online play.

So just a little tip, if you where ready to spend the 250$ on a Wii, I would think about adding a little more to that 250$ and getting a PS3! The next couple updates will make it the #1 !

But PS3 will have better sales soon.

ElementX4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

McBlunt ;)

Also, with Halo 3 coming out? That's going to be a system seller. With PS2, GTA:III was a system seller. People will have 2 consoles to choose from if they want to play that game this time around. Before it wasn't even on Xbox until a year or so after.

WoundedMoon4732d ago

Maybe if Sony cut production and support of the PS2 the PS3 would have sold better.

For the first 7 months they nearly match each other in sales. Lets look at those 7 months.

Xbox 360's first 7 months - Only next gen system. Receives competition from the PS2, and a little from the XBox which is no longer in production.

PS3's first 7 months - Directly competing with the revolutionary Wii, as well as the already well established XBox 360, as well as the very successful PS2 which still had arguable better games than the next gen system did (although I personally love Resistance, the PS2's still rocking some great games). Even to this day it can be argued that the PS3 has next to no good games for it. Yet, if we look at the first 7 months only, both systems are able equal.

Let's decide this fairly; we'll have a foot race. I wont start running until 10 minutes into the race, and then we'll see who's ran farther at 15 minutes, and decide the winner at that point... [/sarcasm]

ITR4732d ago

Coded Fox the Wii has online play.

Over 500k are currently playing Strikers over in Europe online.

The same will happen when Strikers hits here in the states.

omansteveo4732d ago

WTF is your problem simple minded people say simple minded things

Xi4732d ago

360, supply strained.
ps3, stores are swimming in overstock.

360 is doing better than the ps3 for the same time range.

WoundedMoon4732d ago

Was it strained for the first 54 weeks? How long was it strained? All I know is the sales look about the same for the first 54 weeks, and if it was strained for the first 7 months (or whatever) why then is there not a sudden spike when it was no longer strained? Unless you suggest that it was strained until 54 weeks, that would make sense.

XBox 360 is doing better for the same time range? This is a article about VGChartz, and they show them being about equal, although yes, 360 is few pixels above in the graph from time to time. If you know of a better source please inform me. I'm aware of, but they don't have graphs, and I'm rather bored with the site for that reason; it's not that I have any bias against them. Please PM me if you'd like.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

I give it 12 mill by the end of the year with Uncharted , Killzone , and Haze and WArhawk and many other games comming out...playstion can sell that in no time..Im getting my neice one for chrismass...

side note : MART HAS MORE BUBBLES THEN ME...N4g = XBox fanboys

edit : Im not a sony fanboy Im a NGAGE FANBOY also I must use proper grammer when I type on here ???

ch_ymh4732d ago

I agreed with you that games such as LAIR,Warhawk,FolksSoul,Heavenl y Sword are coming and much more information of MGS4,KillZone2,FF13 will be given soon. PS3 will have almost 8 millions consoles at the end of year, i think.

TheMART4732d ago

Nah you have less bubbles because your comments have flaws in it.

12 million at the end of the year. Last time I checked, the PS3 has sold what, 3.4 million now maybe. In what, 7.5 months?

We're almost at half June now. That makes 5.5 months left to sell 8.6 million consoles. You really believe the PS3 will sell at more then twice the rate it did up till now?

You are living in PS3 lala land then...

Lets see and make a bold prediction and check who was closer at the end of this year. I'll say, PS3 has sold 6.2 million units at the end of this year!

Kleptic4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Mart...stop saying other people's logic is flawed...I am not saying everything he said is right...I am just saying most of what you say is wrong...

the ps3 has not been out worldwide for 7.5 months...and being that this is a worldwide discussion on sales...that is important...stop saying ps3 fans are in la la land, when you can't even make a worthwhile argument other than "ps3 fans are wrong"...

this is about 11 days in a row that you have said something so blatantly biased, and still call other people are seriously confused...

Omicronn4732d ago

If anything, he creates more Playstation fans with his Paid-to-post moves.

They are so obvious its become comical.

The little kids who enjoy someone being a fanatic might appreciate his crazy posts, but most adults will find it comical in my opinion.

Dont agree? Leave an "uber" bad bubble lol.

Go nexgenireland! lol

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FreedomReign4732d ago

If Sales are going to be as important as most believe they should be.
Don't we need a proper method of counting units sold?

This is a total guess from vgchartz. NPD is not in. The opinion of VGChartz is no more worthwhile than mine, or yours.

ch_ymh4732d ago

The Chartz did gives some signals on what SONY,Microsoft or Nitendo should do in the coming consoles competiton, I think.

ITR4732d ago

And the NPD is only estimates as well and they don't even factor in Wally World sales.