SEC formally probing Activision

Activision, publisher of such popular game franchises such as the Tony Hawk series, Call of Duty, as well as a number of other well known titles seem to be in a little bit of hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission concerning their stock option-granting practices.

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Diselage4739d ago

Bad Activision, there isn't usually "official" probings unless the govt. is pretty sure something is going.

Covenant4739d ago

Hopefully they're wearing gloves and using vaseline.

(Loooong day...couldn't resist a stupid comment)

Bleyd4738d ago

I formally probed my wife this morning. Things turned out really well and I suspect they will for Activision also.

Lumbo4739d ago

wow, the worst case of wrong channel selection ever - speaking of overkill ..

codeazrael4738d ago

So that is news for each one of them. For you to waste your time reporting as well leaving such a comment is overkill. Anyways, Activision is a great company and I would hate this situation to escalate to epic proportions.