Sports Game of the Year

EA Sports did a truly stunning job at developing quality sports titles this year. NHL 10, FIFA 10, NCAA Football 10, Madden NFL 10 and NBA Live 10 all saw massive improvements in gameplay. FIFA 10 was undoubtedly better than Pro Evolution Soccer, the first time in ages that anyone could recall that happening. Madden NFL 10 and NCAA Football 10 finally felt like they had been made specifically for the 360 and PS3, and NBA Live 10 made incredible leaps to close in on NBA 2K10 as the best NBA game. But no sports game felt more accurate to the actual game it simulated that NHL 10.

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Bnet3433219d ago

Why did everyone forget MLB 09 The Show? Heralded by ESPN as "the most realistic you'll get to a baseball game ever" and got 9's across the board. Yeah, this goes to show people don't know sh*t about sports games.

VTGamer113219d ago

Pretty sure, if you read the article, that MLB 09: The Show is among the contender's.

NHL 10 was an amazing game, don't know if you played it, but it is about as realistic to an actual sport as video gaming has come.

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