Top secret PS3 project mentioned in FullSail Email

This just hit the net sent out by FullSail to many recepient. Its about the career of a gradutuate who now developes for Sony Computer Entertainment. The artilce then goes on hint towards a "TOP SECRET PROJECT". Quotes Below:

A 180 degree shift from his initial work at the company, Yunpeng is currently assigned to a top-secret project for Sony's PlayStation 3 gaming division, and while he couldn't reveal too much about the software code, his excitement speaks volumes about what gaming fans can expect from the next-generation of the PlayStation brand.

Yunpeng then goes on to say:

""What I'm working on now is very new, and something that hasn't been seen on any other console before- "

What could this never before seen top secret project be? Let the speculation begin.

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SRuN44741d ago

this didn't even come from sony. i love when someone else mentions something about the PS3 it automatically turns into hype from sony. this came from full sail, they do it alot with people who have graduated from their school.

MADGameR4741d ago

Uh oh! 360 is REALLY IN TROUBLE NOW! SONY's new project THREATENS the titan, the X Box 360 and the Wii!

Wargasm4741d ago

So? i thought Xi's comment was pretty funny

this has to be the 5th pre-hype article ive seen in a few days for sony.... or for that matter the other consoles.

Oooooh! theres the possibility that (insert console) might make a big announcement about something.... maybe

This post should be re-titled "SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN"

Texas GMR4741d ago

By the time this "top-secret" project is finished it will be multi-platform for the PS3 and the XBOX 720. :-)

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Vojkan4742d ago

Did you ever heard anyone from Sony hype The agency? No, some podcast guys did it and everyone swallowed it. Stop blaming Sony when they have nothing to do with over hyping the agency or this so called "top secret".

tehcellownu4742d ago

at least its not pac man or a freaken web browser for a damn cell...ill accept the agency with open hands because i know this game can be awesome!!..also i hope its somethin big their workin on dont want to fall into any hype....

ShAkKa4742d ago

the agency news were very good.

Phantom_Lee4741d ago

I'm not bad mouth the agency...I was just wondering is this another agency story...or a new game

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power of Green 4742d ago

Yada yada yada my console has some big bad secret that will make all of you pay for talking bad about it.

4742d ago
Fart_Bubbles4741d ago

that if it was a secret project for his xbotch he would be here hyping it up and telling us PS3 owners how it's all over for us...

this idiot makes fanboys look sane.

FA-SHO4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

You and I have both been around a long time, eh??? (this is LeonSKennedy4Life talking...I'm using my little brother's name. my name is MySwordIsHeavenly now) I was just wondering if you remember the good ol' days...before the PS3 and Wii were out...and you, mart, dj, dcrider360, and enforcer battled it out...

Those were the days!!!

*stiffle, will ya edith?*

had to say it...sorry.

aaquib24742d ago

It'll be the Agency again or maybe HOME. These no name sites are mostly all bs, and I ONLY trust QJ, Kotaku, IGN, and Gamespot.

ch_ymh4742d ago

I don't think Home or The Agency(MMO) is a big secret for our PS3 players= ="; In my opinion, what he's going to do is something firmware or software related.

FadedDRFT4742d ago

It could be barbies special adventures.

Bonsai12144741d ago

its a college in florida that pumps out game devs like no other school. go to their website and check out the demos they have there and you'll be very impressed that they were done by one person who isn't officially out of college yet

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tosh614742d ago

its probably not gonna be some huge game. they just mentioned it being secret that they just haven't really "announced" it yet. If it were some huge game that page would've been more noticeable