Perfect Dark XBLA information leaked

A person that goes by the name of KholdFuzion has leaked Perfect Dark images by accessing an Xbox 360 Devkit. With it he has released various screenshots of the game and has also released supposed details of online co-op and 8 player online multiplayer.

What proves his claims though is the following video which he has uploaded onto youtube.


Update : Video has been reuploaded, thanks godfree.

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blue7xx73220d ago

That's awesome its going to be have online co-op and online multiplayer. Definitely gettting this. So it should be release in january or february.

The BS Police3220d ago

I'm hoping February at the latest, but definitely no later than mid March.

dgroundwater3220d ago

I don't know about MP, but this looks really good. Ah Joanna Dark is hotness.

Saaking3220d ago

They already took down the video. Anyways, I'm probably going to buying it day one as well. I loved the original on the N64 and I hope Rare can carry on the brilliance to the 360. fingers crossed.

The BS Police3220d ago

Yeah the video was taken down, at the moment a few fans and myself are trying to get it reuploaded.

RockmanII73220d ago

Jan. - Serious Sam HD
Feb. - Perfect Dark XBLA
March - Mega Man 10(?)

Blaze9293220d ago

those screenshots are lovely. Day 1 confirmed for sure now.

shutterspeed3220d ago

Hey BS police do you have the actual file? Just put it on megaupload and it will spread. I personally want to see it sooo baaddd

toaster3220d ago

I haven't touched a Perfect Dark game since then in fear of my eyes exploding in my head.

bacon133220d ago

This looks sweet. I haven't had a RARE game fix in a while. Day 1 buy indeed.

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