Alyx' Nipplegate Reloaded: Cinematic Mod 10.10

Modder Fakefactory released the Half-Life 2 modification Cinematic Mod in version 10.10. Features include new high red models, advanced jigglebones, night time level and obviously NSFW closeups of Alyx.

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njitram20003214d ago

That's disgusting. It looks like her breast has been cut of and sewn back on with the nipple in the wrong place...

The environments always look better in this mod but I never like what they do with Alyx.

Fade_Walker3214d ago

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…Alyx does NOT need to be changed!

The original model was perfect (in my eyes). There was no need to mess up her face or make her breasts bigger.

TheGameFoxJTV3214d ago

Dude I agree 100%. Who the fudge would even WANT to change Alex? She was damn close to a perfect character be it a movie, book, or game. Plus she looks realistic ; she didn't look like some anorexic chick with pale skin, long flowing blond hair, and over-sized breast. Also that Alex looks a little too pale to be the daughter of a Black man. Just saying....

Fade_Walker3213d ago

Bubble for agreeing and for using fudge. :D

3214d ago