Worlds First 50 Inch 1080p Plasma Ships

Pioneer Electronics Inc. will begin shipping the world's first 50" 1080p plasma display today. The new Pioneer Elite PureVision PRO-FHD1 is a technological milestone with images that burst off the display for a near 3-D effect.

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Dick Jones5792d ago

I hope the thing falls over and kills your cat.

omansteveo5792d ago

But its 10,000 bucks...woot! 1080p for 10,000 bucks they can keep it...maybe 6 years from now it'll be around the 2000-3000 dollars range then ill consider

andy capps5792d ago

That's crazy how much it costs. The new "budget line" Sony XDR's that will handle native 1080p will be less than $3k. I'm guessing it's because it's a plasma screen, but still. $10k is ridiculous. I guarantee that the new Sony XDR's will still smoke this in colors, black levels, and contrast ratio.

Yes, the above posters are right, this is for the person that has way too much money.

achira5791d ago

hey can you give me please the fullname of the sony xdr ? i cant find this in the internet.

specialguest5792d ago

im getting one for sure because im a rich snobby multi-millionaire. im sooo rich, my toilet paper roll is made out of dollars bills.

omansteveo5792d ago

Movie buffs should definately listen to Major Nelsons podcast im like goin nuts really exciting stuff

I know this is totally off topic but a really good listen

Aflac5792d ago

that's almost as bad as a ps3 for $600!!!

CAPS LOCK5792d ago

because plasma tvs use gas, u will need to replace the gas is the tv every 2-3 years and it would cost u 80% of the tvs price to replacce LCD it uses liquid so therefore it would take longer to replace around 10-15 years!!! so i would be getting an HD LCD Tv for £400 check if u dont believe me.

PS360PCROCKS5792d ago (Edited 5792d ago )

You can't replace the plasma in these TV's you tard and they have 60,000 hours life, that's like 15 years at 10 hours a day, so stop talking like you know something

Capt CHAOS5790d ago (Edited 5790d ago )

CAPS LOCK.. You obviously don't have a Plasma

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The story is too old to be commented.