Do you want a pat on the back for that headshot?

However that's all changed since the arrival of those shiny statistics of excellence known as achievement points, or trophies to followers of Sony's gaming powerhouse. On the surface these points have acted as way for gamers to show people just how good they are at handling a joy pad and to show off their hard earned accomplishments. But for many achievement points have changed how we look at gaming. No longer do gamers simply play for entertainment or that fuzzy sense of accomplishment that comes with completing another title, now achievement lists must be conquered and 'gamerscore' must be harvested in order for a gamer to feel like they've gotten the most out of their purchases.

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Sangria3984d ago

I don't get it, what does he mean by "too French"? Is that another typically American allusion to World War II?
In my opinion, achievements and trophies are not really a way to congratulate ourselves regarding other people.
When I look at a gamer card, if someone has more G-score or trophies than me, I just say "He has more games than me" "He plays more than me". Nothing really envious, especially considering some people play Xbox 360 / PS3 since 2006 while other people just bought their HD console.

However, achievements and trophies are not the only way developers gratify gamers. For example, that "pat on the back" when doing a headshot, a simple clinging sound in Modern Warfare or the big voice saying HEADSHOT is pretty satisfying itself.

What I would love to see is the ability for the gamer to create his own achievements / trophies, not to create false numbers but to give an alternative competition. For example in Prince of Persia Warrior Within (PS2), I killed the Dahaka WITHOUT the water dagger. There was some kind of save bug and I reached the boss without having the weapon to kill him. It took me hours to kill him but I did it, and that's precisely what I wish to see in gaming.

Because there are achievements developers can't think about, or challenges gamers want to achieve, like finishing Final Fantasy VII using only the first weapons of each characters (it exists ). Just look at the Speed Runs community ( ), some people love challenges and there is no trophy or achievement for such accomplishment.