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"The first Final Fantasy was released in Japan for Famicom in 1987. It was later released in the US for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. In an age of video gaming led by either sports, fighting or action/adventure games, with the occasional addictive arcade games thrown in, RPGs were an untapped resource that lived predominantly in the PC world."

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iiprotocolii3221d ago

From what the Japanese are saying (e.g. Famitsu) the game is great. Praises have been sung, and I'm expecting nothing less than greatness. Plus, what Final Fantasy that's made a console debut has sucked? In my experience, none.

Grevan3221d ago

What about FF x-2. Come on. We all knew that sucked. I almost went number 2 in my pants.

Still Ogre Battle, a feel like real time rpg strategy game was all I needed for the N64.

Jinxstar3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I feel FF suffers from the same issues Resident Evil does(Not updating dated gameplay). I know I am a minority but the article the other day talking about the massive amounts of cut scenes and how insane the story is... The Kotaku story was well written and I agree with all of it

The controls are dated. Cut scenes are not needed and the protagonists are literally just... WTF. I would just rather play a game then watch a game. I watch a movie... not a game... Hence why I disliked MGS as well(I'm a huge PS3 fan so don't hate I just dont like MGS)

Honestly most of the impressions I have read have been a mixed bag or just serious hype... Either way... I have been pushed further and further from the JRPG and RPG genre in general anymore(Demons souls being my exception... If you consider it an RPG anyway)... I like a good story to my games but I like more game then story...

To each his own though. The number of folks who favor the game(Or series rather) greatly outweigh people like me who are just tired of it and think it should have been "final" about 5 games ago...

iiprotocolii3221d ago

I agree with a lot of your points. From a personal perspective, I won't say I enjoy the series as a whole, but more or less a handful. To me, Square Enix has produced far better titles in the RPG genre than what they have milked with the Final Fantasy series (e.g. Xenogears, Radiata Stories, Secret of Mana, etc.).

But, sadly, the Final Fantasy name itself doesn't need anything but prettier visuals and the name to drive sales since it has such a gargantuan number of followers.

I wouldn't say that the controllers are dated as much as I would say that the controllers themselves, from generation to generation, haven't really made such a leap until the Wii. Innovation promotes new plateaus of design, and if you're stuck with the same thing year after year, you're pretty much going to work with what you've got. In my opinion, if something works, improve on it - and with almost every iteration of Final Fantasy games, they make minor adjustments to the overall combat system (Final Fantasy XII, however, had a unique combat system which I loved). Bringing back Xenogears, I enjoyed the newly introduced *working* combo system on an RPG in the PSX era.

Cutscenes are placed to provide a cinematic experience. Back in the day, they didn't have the technology they have today to bring us this form of storytelling. Instead, we were exposed to programmed sequences that took the sprites we saw onscreen and made them perform something cinematic-like (i.e. being pushed off a ledge or something) with text. Today, it's basically the same thing with a much more appealing facade. Is it needed in ALL games? Absolutely not. But if that's the way that the developers can provide us with an evolving story, then by all means.

Games are a stagnantly evolving art form. Developers DO need to take chances in their games in order to provide us with fresher much more appealing experiences. With that said, Jinx, you brought up some great points.

Cheeseknight283221d ago

If you take X-2 on it's own, and not as a sequel to FFX, it's a fantastic game. Great combat, lots of branching class options, tons of dialogue paths, and challenging bosses. I think most of the people who hate on it simply do that because they are influenced by someone else's opinion. Just because everyone else hates it doesn't mean you have to.

Then there's FFXII. That game was terrible, on so many levels. Who's idea was it to turn FF to a political story, rather than an emotional one? Why give Fran a obnoxious nasally voice? Why are all the characters generic stereotypes (The stalwart knight, the tomboy princess, the whiny protagonist, the renegade pirate, etc.)? Ugh.

Jinxstar3221d ago

Like I said to each his own.

I try to look at how far other games have come from the NES or SNES days and see much greater improvements in gameplay in other areas. i.e. Super Mario 1 or 3 vs Super Mario Galaxy(Your controller point is valid but look at crystal bearers... Even with the controls the game is weak)I look at companies in general like Naughty dog from PS1 to now.

I look at Zelda 1 to the most recent and I see leaps and bounds of difference in these games but when compared to FF1... I mean you can still see direct correlations to the combat design... REsident Evil 1 still plays the same in 5... A few innovations here and there but really it could have been so great... Instead of the let down(to me) that it wasa...

Why is it the first 8 hours is walking down the same 1 way path? This screams laziness, nothing but story and repetition that could wear even the strongest RPG gamers nerves down... I love the "idea" of Role Playing... However there is a difference between role playing and story telling... =Which is where most games are at anymore.

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JoelT3221d ago

I can say that I agree with many of the points made. FF X was probably the last FF game that I thought to be amazing. As good a XII looked, I had already made the jump to next gen with my 360, and couldn't picture myself buying any more last gen titles.

Chadness3221d ago

Everyone else had moved on, but for RPG fans there were still some quality titles hitting the PS2, including FFXII and Persona 3 and 4, among others.

As far as FF and the article above goes, I do agree with the overall conclusion of the article, but I don't really think the stories in this particular franchise have suffered because of overdone visuals to the point of being horrible. There hasn't been a regular, numbered FF title to date that hasn't sucked me into the story, first and foremost. I enjoyed FFXII because the story was different, more mature, political and intellectual, if you will. All the whiny little Cloud wannabes didn't like it because it wasn't what they were expecting. Their loss. ;)

Now, from what I'm hearing FFXIII is pretty linear in the first 20 hours or so, but that doesn't bother me because with Eastern RPGs they have a story to tell you and you follow the story at their pace and the way they want you to. That's par for the course with this style of console RPG, so it should be expected. Sometimes it's less linear than other times, it just all depends.

I'm definitely looking forward to March 9. :)

The_Zeitgeist3221d ago

@ Joel

Of course you would say nice read. Its from your site. That's borderline spam buddy.

Rocket Sauce3221d ago

To me, Final Fantasy ended with X. Everything they've done since then has been pretty bad.

JoelT3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I wrote nice read, because (if you had actually read it) it was a pretty nice read. As far as commenting on something written by a writer on my site, I always have and always will support all of our writers. If by any chance you feel that we are the only publication that performs these practices on N4G, you are in for a rude awakening.

The only difference between us and the rest of the sites on here is if you notice I do not hide behind a silly avatar. I do this in order to better connect with the community, just in case an intelligent conversation can be had on here.

If anyone's comment is SPAM, it would be yours, as your in the gamer zone, commenting about the integrity of my comment all the while ignoring the topic of discussion. Stop worrying about others, read the editorial and respond.

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Chadness3221d ago

I loved FFXII, maybe I'm in the minority...

Grevan3221d ago

My first was Final Fantasy 9, and to this day it has remained my favorite. It could be the different taste in the animation, I do not know, but I love it more than 7. Wow!

Tomarcus3221d ago

I talked to the kotowari people about this the other day. XII was great, except the story (and Vaan). My favorite franchise hands down!

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