PlayStation 3 and the legendary backward compatibility

What ever happened to the PlayStation 3 backward compatibility. With Santa back up through the chimney without granting my christmas wish. Will Sony ever grant us our wish?

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Anon19743217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I bought my PS3 to play PS3 games, and there's more than enough excellent PS3 titles out now to keep any gamer occupied for years. Gamers had well over a year to pick up a PS3 with backwards compatibility if they wanted it, and if PS2 games were such a big deal to them, why not pick up a used PS2 for $30.

These articles keep assuming that the backwards compatibility is something that PS3 owners are clamoring for. They aren't. Extra features are always nice, but when are these sites going to get what a non-issue this is?

Prototype3216d ago

The only real ps2 game I played on my 60 gb PS3 was Final Fantasy 11

Anyways articles like this give 360 fanboys something to argue about; it's nice to have yes however there's far other games on the PS3 that have my attention at the moment.

caladbolg7773216d ago

Off-topic of backwards compatibility but on the topic of PS2 games, I got the God of War collection for Christmas. I didn't have the pleasure of playing GoW1 and GoW2 back in the PS2 days (as I was much more interested in RPGS like Suikoden, Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei and sh!t like that). I've just GOTTA shout this off the mountain tops.

I am SORRY for missing these games on their release. I finished God of War 1 last night. The game was mother-f-ing amazing. Onward to GoW2.

table3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

There are 150million ps2s out there. What did people do with them if they are asking for backwards compatibility? and it's not like the ps2 is discontinued. Nobody complains when nintendo don't do it. Old consoles are cheap as well, it's really not a problem.

Anon19743216d ago

The Wii will play Gamecube games. Although, I really kinda wish I had just kept my Gamecube and Gamecube games anyway. I ended up giving my GC and library to my nieces when I bought a Wii. Didn't really enjoy playing the Wii compared to my PS3 and 360 and, after a year of it gathering dust, begrudgingly said "To hell with this," and sold it last Christmas.

The only game that game along that made me regret that decision was the new Super Mario Bros. That being said, I played it this past weekend at a friends house and found it fun, a little nostalgic, but not worth owning the system for.

table3216d ago

Nintendo have never done it before the wii though and it was never a problem. I reckon a lot of the wii owners don't even know what a gamecube is.

Raoh3217d ago

my only beef with sony is that they made backward compatibility a huge deal when pitching the ps3...

and now, not so much as a comment or apology.. yes apology.. only because it they made such a big production about and and promised it..

i dont have time to play all my ps3 and pc games.. so i'm not missing my ps2 games that much, its not that, but it would be nice to every now and then, i got rid of my ps2's cause i thought i wouldnt need them anymore.. since then my ps3's were stolen that were BC, now my new PS3's are non BC so i'm ps2'less which kind of sucks cause socom confrontation sucks ass and i would rather play socom 2 every know and then.. it doesnt justify a new or used ps2 purchase though..

i know they can probably do it now and will probably bring it to the ps3 when they finally decide to shut down the ps2.

mastiffchild3216d ago

You could have got another BC PS3 second hand, couldn't you? After yours were nicked if you were covered by your imnsurance yopu would have got whatever it costs to replace like for like on our policy and even if you had no insurance you could have got a preowned PS3 and some insurance for it for the same price, or less, as a new one sans BC, no? Failing that you could've gone for the cheapest new PS3 option and bought a used PS2(fats are, like, £20 preowned at a cash converter and about the same at Gamestation IIRC)for your older games.

Maybe the fact that you didn't shows you weren't actually that bothered about BC yourself. As for Sony bringimng it back I fdeel that depends on if/when we start gettin g PS2 classics on the Store, don't you? If they're tight and want to just sell the downloads I can't see emulation coming back but rather them fiddling the code of the download versions so they run on any PS3. As for dropping PS2 anyti,me soon? Not likely while they make big enough profit from it, now is it?

BC seems to be the moan du jour of those people either blogging or in the media who will NEVER buy a PS3 but want another reason to support their decision now that the "nop games" and "too expensive" moans have been negated. The bigger the PS3 library gets(and there's, what, 800 games now?)and the further away from PS2 getting great exclusive games we get(though I DID play the last two Persona's on my 60gig BC model)the less of an issue BC gets-besides, people wanted a cheaper, slimmer PS3 and BC was always likely to be something they culled as unneeded esp when PS2 itself was still on the go.

Dead_Cell3216d ago

Why eat burger when you have steak?

kewlkat0073216d ago

as opposed to a steak. You know, like a Toyota Camry to a Mercedes.

ShadowReaper143216d ago

every ps3 can play a ps2 game but not all of them you just have to do a little things and it's not hard

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