TimeGate Sues SouthPeak for alleged breaches in publishing agreement

Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios is suing SouthPeak for alleged breach of contract, accusing the publisher of withholding royalty payments and of violating their deal via a PlayStation 3 porting deal with Russian company 1C.

A number of issues then arose, among them TimeGate's claim that "Southpeak entered into a licensing agreement with a Russian company, 1C, for Section 8 on the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming platform and received a minimum of $250,000 as a result", but that Southpeak did not own the rights for such sublicensing.

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bioshock12213221d ago

So section 8 is coming to the ps3?? I thought it was a good game I tried the demo and it was very fun. I don't get why people compared it to Halo.

GameOn3219d ago

People compared it to Halo?

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