PlayStation Store Preview – July 26, 2011: No More Heroes

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in their coming soon section.

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Sev4718d ago

Not the best update. It's OK though, I just finished that secret stage on LIMBO, finished Outland, and now I'm going to start Bastion on the 360.

BigWoopMagazine4718d ago

yeah, not much here, but I might grab the legacy DLC for DA2, been awhile since I played that game, don't mind having a reason to come back.

guitarded774718d ago

You know if the RE games are going to be available on disc in the US?

Sev4718d ago

From what I understand, that's a no. Unless they chance their mind and release the box set.

guitarded774718d ago (Edited 4718d ago )

Shucks :/
Thank's for getting back... bubs++.

Almost out of space on my 320gb... gonna have to upgrade again to a 500 this time.

showtimefolks4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

you can get the 750gb for around $10 more so why not upgrade once so never have to worry about it

here is the link for ps3 hard drive


also RE4 should be with MOVE support since from what i understand WII version of RE4 was the most fun version

and i hope that capcom come to their sense and release these on disk for 29.99

guitarded774717d ago

Thank's for the link... bubs++ for helpful. I have under 40gb left on my 320gb hard drive and have to do something quick. I just hope I don't have the same issue as last time where my GDU got corrupted and I had to download patches for 3 days. My game saves were fine, but the rest including installs and patches had to be redownloaded. I bought a second PS 3 for the loving room, but it doesn't get used as much, so I may just reformat the 320gb drive and throw it in the other PS3 and put the 750gb drive in my workhorse.

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subtenko4718d ago

Um....what about the DeadIsland home space...

Please tell me thats getting released tomorrow too. Its the closest thing to a demo we've got,lol. Plus it has single player and multiplayer options from the pics and I wanna play it as soon as I can!

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KillerPwned4718d ago

When is the Resistance 3 beta starting for people with code from Socom 4? I just entered my code in and said it was invalid?

Neo Nugget4718d ago

RE4 HD is coming in just two months?

Gonna platinum that sucker, for sure ^_^

newn4gguy4718d ago

Seriously...the amount of crap I've done on that game, I'd have the platinum on the GameCube, PC, PS2, and Wii versions!

rello914718d ago

Section 8 prejudice is what im getting

kb8mvp814718d ago

Bttf episode 5 great Scott!

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Knightofelemia67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Golden Axe is a great game I enjoyed it on the SMS, Genesis and in the arcade. Great game but it truly was a quarter eater back in the day. I wish Sega could get the rights to the arcade port of Moonwalker another great arcade game I enjoyed. Collect so many monkeys and become Robo Michael lol.


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LikAChicken89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Actually Ryan Gosling makes a ton of sense.

Edit: If this can be done in a Scott Pilgrim movie kind of way that would be dope.

rolando12389d ago

The more I think about it, the more I kinda want it to be a thing lol. Ryan Gosling would be awesome. He would need to play it less serious, but he's shown that he can be a goofball.