Batman Arkham Asylum 2: What do we want?

GB writes:"If you are a die-hard Batman fan or have become one after playing Batman Arkham Asylum, by now you would have already watched the debut trailer of Batman Arkham Asylum 2. If you would have had a look at the trailer, it seems Joker has shifted his playground out of the Asylum now. It would be interesting to see Batman taking down Joker Thugs in the Gotham city with a larger environment available for stealth action, also different landscapes which could come handy within the Gotham city to stage battles between Batman and his arch enemies."

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bigdnl3217d ago

I was never a die-hard Batman fan. However, the newest Batman games like Arkham Asylum was pretty kick a$$. Hopefully they will base the next Batman movie on this.

el_bandito3217d ago

i want more of harley or ivy. or any equivalent of them for that matter. =)

TheDudeAbides3217d ago

Well, combat challange rooms was my moment I stopped doing platinums in every game. I gotta give it to Batman, it cured me. Somehow (prolly cos I sucked at it) couldn't do even one combat challange but did all of em predator ones without youtube. After 2-3 days with no success i said to myself, why am I doing this? Now i'm doing trophies only when it's fun for me, no more wasting my time on trophies when I can simply play another game.

ikkeweer3217d ago

Seriously, just by reading what they are you know you´ll have to finnish the game atleast 3 times and max out all the, some better then others, side missions.

I really liked the game, but common, I work now, give me a break, I don´t have the time to do that.

user8586213217d ago

I wana see some mr freeze! seeing his cell in arkham got me sooo excited!! xD

cyborg69713217d ago

Where was freeze's cell in aa I don't remember seeing it?

villevalorox3217d ago

I agree Mr. freeze is bad ass :D. But I would really like a batman rated M? make it gritty! scary! imagine the things the joker would do. But that is just me.

ikkeweer3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

He sucked in the movie, and in the LEGO game (yeah, yeah I played that). Give me two face, some more poison-Ivy (she adds colour to the game) and Robin (if they can give him good AI, or even better, coop).

Pozzle3216d ago


You're basing your opinion of Mr Freeze off the (terrible) movie version and the LEGO game? O.O

He's one of Batman's more interesting ,well-developerd villains. He'd be a great addition to the game if Rocksteady follow the comic book version of him. (which they most likely would).

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champ213217d ago

id like to see a game based on batman beyond sometime.

mrmikew20183216d ago

sorry bro, but your a fool to even like the batman beyond series.

kratos1233216d ago

wow why the hate fore batman beyond it hade a awsome story line great evil masterminds and the hero was cool? can you guys explain whats wrong with the cartoon

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