Two Worlds Tuesday: Magic

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for IGN to examine another aspect of Two Worlds. Combat is a major part of any RPG, but you have more options than just a sword and a bow. Magic is an integral piece of Two Worlds. And as you'll soon discover, there are plenty of spells to learn.

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Rhezin4803d ago

Now I wonder july or august, WHEN!? same for Mass Effect, WHEN?!

Rowland4803d ago

As far as I know, TW between 20th July & 3rd Aug. ME Sept 3rd.

FCOLitsjustagame4803d ago

They keep pushing it back. But I guess as long as they are making it better then its ok. I would like a date on Mass Effect as well.

Rowland4803d ago

What do you think the release date will be ?

Rowland4803d ago

Two Worlds bears an uncanny resemblance to Oblivion, which is no bad thing at all, with the potential to be just as great if not better. All current multi-site information suggests a UK release date of between July 20th & Aug 3rd.
Would like to know a definate release date...