The Escapist Bulletin: Singing in the (Heavy) Rain

Pocket Gamer:

According to David Cage, his latest game, Heavy Rain, is so atypical of the medium that it's no longer even a game in his mind and has become something wholly unique.

While the strike against standard gaming nomenclature is a bold one, and something that needs to happen eventually, trying to re-invent the video game within the boundaries of a single release is risky at best.

What Cage fails to realise is that videogame will not be reinvented all at once: it will evolve as new titles refine genre elements and introduce new ideas. Gamers have shown time and time again that they don't want reinventions or revolutions: they want refinements and they cling to the familiar.

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Hanif-8763215d ago

Games like this thats improving on design, gameplay and graphics makes me not that eager for the next generation of consoles just yet