GT GOTY Awards 2009: Best First-Person Shooter

Gametrailers continues their Game of the Year awards, next up, best first-person shooter.

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gaffyh3219d ago

As I said in another thread, I expect MW2 to win the GOTY award from GT, they are major Modern Warfare fanboys.

vickers5003219d ago

Fair choice though. Killzone 2 may look the best out of every fps available, but looks aren't everything. The reason I personally liked MW2 over KZ2 is that MW2 has a sh*t ton of weapons, and runs at 60fps, whereas Killzone 2 has only a handful of weapons and only runs at 30fps.

Also it doesn't help that KZ2 has laggy, unresponsive controls. People like to tell themselves that it's "realistic" and "weighty" but that's just bs. Sure it may be realistic if you consider the weighty "realism" to be the realism of say, Jupiter, but if you were to compare it to Earths gravity, it's one of the most unrealistic games of all time. Not to say MW2 is realistic though either, it's just foolish to say that Killzone 2 is any more realistic than MW2 (when it comes to controls).

-Alpha3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I understand that it has a crazy amount of hate because of Activision/IW, PC fans are enraged, the game is "noob-friendly", etc. etc, but the game is still fun, the shooting mechanics are solid, and the components that make up the game are solid.

Spec Ops is challenging, story mode, though short, is still intense and action packed, and the multiplayer is just as addictive as last time. I appreciate that IW added more to the MP than Treyarch did with WaW.

I liked it, as did many others.

I'm stuck between choosing MW2 or K2 for my shooter of the year, though I think I would give the edge to K2 since MW2 was more of the same (which isn't a bad thing) while K2 was not only a major improvement but also added a different feel.

However I did enjoy MW2 more, but I'm disappointed with some aspects of MW2. I feel it could have and should be much better, but that's just me.

Regardless, nobody dictates the winner, there is no real right or wrong answer, and it's all for fun, so let's not take things too seriously.

gaffyh3219d ago

Personally I preferred KZ2's campaign, and MW2's multiplayer. But despite that, I still played KZ2 a lot longer online than MW2 (got bored of it).

JonnyBadfinger3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I believe that MW2 is a good game but its just as bad as it is good. It definitely isn't worthy of GOTY anyway.

For its multiplayer to be considered GOOD, it has to be lag free, which its is..... if your an American.

Although Im getting a new cable broadband with speeds of up to 100mbps soon i doubt whether or not i will still be able to host over Americans, i pulled host yesterday over 9 Americans who after the game cried like little school girls about the connection. they couldn't suck it up and keep playing on the connection us Aussies Kiwis Poms Japs etc play on 98% of the time. Seriously thats sad

I have already started going back to Halo 3 and Mass effect, and until the matchmaking issue is replaced with a Locale Search Preferance i doubt the game is going to get anymore playtime from me.

FPS of the Year goes to Borderlands in my books, the game in all aspects was ace.

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unrealgamer583219d ago

wouldn't put it pass the. >.>

chidori6663219d ago

killzone 2 is the best fps of 2009..

nuff said.

crazyturkey3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Remember, 9.3 is the highest a game like Uncharted 2 that doesn't innovate on anything will ever get on GT, and then MW2 comes out with a broken online and no innovation and scores higher? Ya exactly. Not to mention that they advertise MW2 like crazy there, they even had a whole especial on it in the Bonus Round which was more like a four episode commercial.

Henry Cain3219d ago

I have not played MW2 since I got into the BFBC2 beta. I definitely feel KZ2 deserves to win, but thats my opinion.

morganfell3219d ago

And a damn fine opinion it is...

kornbeaner3219d ago

How can any legitimate site even justify giving MW2 any awards anymore. This game released broken and remains broken even after 3-4 patches. How is it given any type of praise? I hate what video game "Journalism" has turned into this gen, nothing but greasy palms and no standards except for the ones who pay for them.

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