Why Spirit Tracks Saved the Timeline

For the record: no, this is not going to be a soapbox about how the New Hyrule in Spirit Tracks proves that ultimately the classic games will fall on the Adult Timeline after all. Neither will it be an exposé on how we now know for sure that the Deku Tree definitely connected all of the islands we saw from The Wind Waker to form said Hyrule. (Although do expect a follow-up to my original article about New Hyrule which suggested exactly that.)

In fact, this is not going to be a continuity theory at all. Instead, it is a reflection on how the expression of the series' continuity has evolved, from past to present, and taken on a completely new life in Spirit Tracks.

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hatchimatchi3222d ago

good article.

i don't think there will ever be a definitive timeline, just speculation. It's fun to read peoples theories though, i love the avgn video on the zelda timeline.

Redempteur3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

it's opinions but the read was enjoyable.

i also do think that ST tried many things will the fans loves this changes ? i'm not so sure.

SURE having people will help to set the zelda games "in order "
BUt ST is just part of the Wind waker arc ..remember the connexion between WW and PH's the same thing

ChickeyCantor3222d ago

SP is defintly better than PH.
Even though they did it before, it has almost no reference to old Hyrule and the goddess of Hyryle. Triforce and such.

Love the game =), this alone makes me wonder what they will do with the Wii version.

Its as if the Windwaker path will do nothing with Ganon anymore.

O and the music is awesome.

Redempteur3221d ago

i think they treated the ganon part in wind waker once and for all ( but i might be mistaken ) for this saga