Monkey Island to return after seven-year break?

GamerSquad advise approaching this juicy slice of speculation with some caution, but a couple of clues have led some Internet bloggers to believe that work on Monkey Island 5 could be underway, deep in some subterranean LucasArts laboratory.

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MK_Red4242d ago

ZOMG, This is awesome news. I hope they make it like Monkey Island 2&3.

_insane_cobra4242d ago

Would be very cool if it wasn't for the fact that everyone who was worth a damn left LucasArts ages ago. But if it was an external studio production...

FreeMonk4242d ago

All I want is the first 4 Monkey Island games released for the DS or the X360 marketplace. Clean the sprites up for the first 2 Island games and release 3 & 4 as they were. It'd be awesome!

I know you can run Monkey Island 1 & 2 on the DS (3 as well on the PSP), with the Scumm Emulator, but an official release would be cool!

Bullseye4242d ago

It's those pesky monkeys all over again. Don't forget the Cool reggae-fied intro music.

cdawson4242d ago

All we need after this is for a full throttle sequel to actually make it to the stores!!!
Great news, MI is one of the best games series ever.

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