Xbox 360 VGC Game of the Year Awards 2009

The staff have voted and the results are in. Our Xbox 360 Games of the Year are...

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SasanovaS19873224d ago

fanboyism aside, but holy god, you know xbox didnt have a good year when its game of the year is like half a finger difference in the sequal of a hardly year old game...and i wont even mention all the multiplats...jeez

Raf1k13224d ago

At least next year is looking much better for the 360. There'll be a lot of happy gamers next year on both platforms.

bmw693224d ago

Huh? 360 had a great year! Forza 3, Left4Dead 2, ODST...

Sangria3224d ago

Finally someone who is not devoted to Street Fighter IV and recognize the awesomeness of BlazBlue.

bmw693224d ago

Blazblue is an amazing game

Raf1k13224d ago

I'm still keeping my eye out for it here in the UK though I doubt I'll find it anywhere pre-owned and I'm not fussed enough to import it.

Homicide3223d ago

Yeah the game is hard to find nowadays. It's a pretty awesome fighter. My favorite one this year.

Blacksand13224d ago

2 exclusive, L4D is game of the year i can go for that. But look at all the multiplats that beat out the 360 exclusive, do you see a problem here the multiplats is dominating the exclusive on 360. You well never see that happening on PS3 and i mean never. Boom!!!!!!!

Blow Out Your Brains3224d ago

I have high hopes for Alan Wake this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.