The 3 Coolest Kills I've Gotten In A Game (resumeplay)

Allow me, if you will, to brag for a moment. Now, I make no claims as a video game master. I've got some skills, but I'll never win a tournament, and I doubt I'll ever launch the nuke in MW2, but I can beat most games on hard, and I think that's something. Anyway, Over the years, I've had a few moments that made me stop and wish the whole world could have seen what I'd done. I figured this was my chance to do so; so let me present for you my 3 coolest kills.

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Bagogames3497d ago

Last one sounds like a total "F*** yeah" moment.

Knife one is funny XD

Would have been better if you videod them though

Ragz0173497d ago

i killed 9ppl with 1 grenade in kz2 few months ago.. wish i recorded it.. my greatest MP gaming moment..

mauleriscool3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Gears 2 playing execution. 1v4 with a shotty and a mix of fast pace wall bouncing, I blew each and every kid to pieces.

Looked like something like this video

ReservoirDog3163497d ago

Haha, yeah, I saw a video of someone doing that knife thing.

My coolest was in MGS3 after Snake get's captured. I was running away and got spotted. About 4 guys and two dogs were about 50 feet ahead of me. I pulled out the revolver (any who's played MGS3 knows you shoot inaccurately from the hip with the revolver). Well, I just unloaded on them hoping for the best and got headshots on all of them.

It probably doesn't sound like much but with the alarms blaring, dogs running at me and low stamina, those headshots were miracles.

Love MGS3.

TheDeadMetalhead3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

The last one I remember was last week playing Battlefield: Bad Company. I was running with my team towards a flag, I think, and suddenly I got hit. I turned around, and there was a tank coming at me, and I didn't have any time to get out of the way. There was only one thing I could do; I took my gun shot the tank twice, and the tank exploded.

This all happened in the space of maybe two seconds. That moment made me feel so awesome. That's probably not my best, but it's my most recent.

ThanatosDMC3497d ago

I got the drop on 5 people in KZ2 and wiped them out with my submachine gun without reloading.

DMC1 Dante Must Die mode vs Nightmare 3 with just the Sparda sword.

hades073497d ago

Most recent kill was tonight on MW2 for PS3 while having a few beers at a friends house. I have the game for 360 so while playing teamdeathmatch I forgot the trigger buttons were different I went to aim down the sights but ended up throwing a flashbang which went over the guy I was trying to aim at and hit and killed the guy he was shooting at for the game winning kill. Pure luck and was hilarious hearing ppl talk about the kill in the room afterwards.

pixelsword3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Quake Wars (PC) disguised myself as EDF soldier and knife stabbed several solders by pretending to infiltrate the Strogg base by peeking around corners...when they started doing the same thing, I let them go ahead a little and stabbed them with the knife. In no time I had them killing each other.

Quake 3 arena (PC) killed Xaero from across the board with a rail gun with one kill between us for the victory.

UT III (PS3... or was it on the 360? Meh) Killed a flag carrier by using the car's turbo and ejecting the vehicle on him from a ramp jump. One in a million shot. I also sniped a driver out of one of those Axon flying vehicles.

MAG (PS3) flanked and Killed six soldiers, then killed nine soldiers the next game coming up stairs.

Warhawk (PS3) Too many to count, but when I landed an airstrike on a flyng warhawk, I sniped a person out of his jeep, shooting down warhaks with AA guns, Lock-ons, or my favorite: machine gun and grenade combo on a too confident pilot.

Resistance 2 (PS3): mowing down a group of people behind a will with an Auger.

Gears of War (360): consecutive chainsaw deaths (four) :D

Halo 3 (360): sticky-grenaded someone across the board.

SOCOM (PS3) Any kill I can get, but specifically, three headshots (or kills) in a row. For some reason, I get owned big time in that game.

Rock 'n' Roll Racers (SNES, Wii best car game of all time) my brother shot me from across the board when I was about to win... just inches from the goal. I got second or third. I never beat him in that game, although I probably almost chocked him out when that happened.

Metal Gear Online (PS3) choked-out a level 12 player when i was lever 1 (still am... just got back on it again) the Jack-Hole chocked me out and left me after I revived him, but most people were reviving other people because it was a CQC-only match and it takes a while to revive by yourself.

Killzone 2 (PS3): got the Boost Soldier and pistol-whipped the Assassination target and one of the guys guarding him.

Motorstorm (PS3) getting the Semi and rolling over several cars and coming like second and third.

And that's all for now. :P

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mau643497d ago

Yeah I want proof lol

YoungKiller253497d ago

i hate when people say this makes me made when does this guy gain from lying just give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him

karan86243497d ago

Was in Killzone 2. A guy was standing on the walkway high above shooting my team. My team ran at him so he jumped off trying to go for a suicide rather than getting killed. He hopped off so I moved my aim down and I lined it up, prayed and shot

Halfway across the map, guy in the air, HEADSHOT
His head exploded and he flipped all the way to the ground

Gun_Senshi3497d ago

At start of Wetworks, I toss a grenade, I kill a guy with headshot mark, Then the grenade explode and kill 4 other guys.

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