Off the Grid: Why Older Titles Are Important

DualShockers writes,

"I'm going to break with standard procedure this week to talk about a few things relating to video games in general - what games define us, how they inspire us and why we should never lose site of the games that got us where we are today, as gamers. First, though, a little back story."

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GodsHand3312d ago

That's an awesome picture. Made my day when I saw it!

AzarVC3312d ago

Mine as well...INTERNET ARGUMENT!!

Chadness3312d ago

That picture indeed cracks me up whenever I see it. ;)

Tomarcus3312d ago

This is an in-depth look at the importance of older games, not only as being important to us personally. Also it shows the importance of older games in the industry now, and how the trends of must haves turning to classics will repeat until the industry ends or implodes under it's own weight. Well written article author.

Ninferno3312d ago

people need to know their roots!

dgroundwater3312d ago

Most people don't care for their real life roots, let alone their entertainments' roots.

Uncle Rico3312d ago

The only reason i viewed this article was to laugh at the picture..very epic