Media Create hardware sales (12/14 - 12/20)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan. Find out how Final Fantasy XIII has impacted hardware sales.

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Valay3223d ago

Wow, that's a very tight race between the PS3 and Wii. But I wonder why the Wii went up this week, since New Super Mario Bros. Wii has been out for awhile and there were no huge releases.

zeeshan3223d ago

So that's 312,172 PS3 in two weeks? Wow, those are some great numbers. Xbox360 is like almost dead in the land of rising sun eh?

callahan093223d ago

PS3 just topped 1 million PS3's sold in Japan since September. Really good sales over there!

Perkel3223d ago

@ Noctis Aftermath

in japan ... ?

zeeshan3223d ago

^^^ Believe it or not but they also celebrate Christmas. It started only a couple of years ago :)

mint royale3223d ago

LOL @perkel

I hope that was a joke.

Impressive sales for ps3, wii and DS!

gaffyh3223d ago

Wow PS3 top of the board, didn't expect that, especially with Zelda out for the DS and Super Mario Bros for the Wii. Shows how important Final Fantasy is in Japan.

morganfell3223d ago

Hmmm, something isn't right. Every PS3 Lightning bundle was gone on launch day. That's 200,000 units right there. That means the PS3 only sold 37,000 normal units and that is far too low for FF13 launch week. The only conclusion is the numbers do not include the Lightning bundles.

mint royale3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Disputing Media Create now Morganfell? I thought it was famistu that was unreliable and Media Create that spoke the truth?

Demand wasn't as big as you were expecting maybe but to anyone who has a realistic interpretation of the market will see that the ps3 still sold really well. Perhaps that awesome sales of the wii and DS meant that its winning margin was not spectacular but what do you expect? The wii and DS own sales this gen.

In 2006 if you said to me that during FF13 week in Japan the ps3 would only outsell the wii by 46K I would have said you were an idiot. But by now it can hardly be unexpected.

If you are talking about actual poor sales then look at the 360 at 8K during christmas!

(I wonder where Chubear is?) ;)

Valay3223d ago

Haha, I suppose Christmas is the logical option. Don't know why I didn't realize that, although it seems like the holiday isn't as big an event there.

DaTruth3223d ago

Well, it does seem kinda strange that they sold 1,500,000 copies of FFXIII and only 37,000 extra PS3's beyond bundles!

It's a valid question!

mint royale3223d ago

@da truth

237K ps3's sold on top of the 4 million plus already there.... Yeah I'm totally stumped as to who bought all those copies!

sikbeta3223d ago

HUGE numbers for PS3 as expected, but damn, too much love for the DS

gaffyh3223d ago

The FF13 bundle sold 92k units according to media create:

ABizzel13223d ago

It's not strange only 37k original PS3's sold. If since they had the choice they bought the FF13 bundle over buying them separate. Next week all numbers will be lower since the holiday season will be over, so they should be around 30k - 40k again (PS3 and Wii).

morganfell3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Thanks for the link gaffyh.

Da Truth, to some people it doesn't matter if you are asking a valid question. I was merely puzzled, not accusing Media Create of anything as their numbers are the proper source not Famitsu that has been wrong repeatedly.

rezenu3223d ago

Great numbers for the PS3 and Wii. I also assume it's Christmas time so the Wii's still selling like crazy.

specialguest3223d ago

Seems like nobody wants the PSP-Go. However, the regular PSP is doing well.

eagle213223d ago

Wii did great as well.

Looking at 360, I can't help but think of this song:
"ding dong,
the wicked witch is dead"

DarkTower8053223d ago

It's looking more and more plausible that the PS3 will outsell the 360 this gen. With FFXIII, GOW3 and GT5 being the system sellers that they are next year will be huge for Sony.

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Madis0073223d ago

Playstation 3 Price is highest and yet it selling like crazy

Wii = 150$ = 191,915 = 28787,25$
PS3 = 300$ = 237,086 = 71125,8$

This means most peoples still love Sony. So. We can say that Sony made most money.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3223d ago

is makeing money on each Wii sold and SONY still isn't.

3223d ago
n4gn4gn4gn4g3223d ago

I was SPECIFICALLY commenting on the calculation laid out above...SONY IS still losing money on HARDWARE and THAT is what we are talking about. The ONLY real info we have is from thier last quarterlies and they are not making money on hardware.

As for your personal attack...I give a sh1t because I'm a SONY share holder...what is your excuse for giving a sh1t that I give a sh1t?

3223d ago
thereapersson3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Can you link to an article or news piece that shows that Sony isn't losing money on the PS3 anymore? It's not that I don't want to believe you; rather, it's that I'd like some proof in case someone decides to bring it up with me in the future.


Thanks, and have a bubble for your efforts!

MURKERR3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

sony was losing something like $30per console but by august/september 2009 stated that they would be breaking even, even the edge article a year ago states that they were nearly breaking even then so since the introduction of the slim well.....

mint royale3223d ago

That whole argument was pointless seeing as Madis didn't realise that nintendo makes much more money off every wii sold than sony does with ps3's.

Seems like he doesn't know the difference between revenue and profit. If you consider profit there is by far only one winner.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3223d ago

You seem to have a knack for insults but not so much for numbers.

Both articles you linked to have NOTHING to do with SONY's actuall financials. iSuppli (if you do want to quote them they as recently as 2 weeks ago said the SLIM was still losing money) is guessing and so are the 'analysts' in the other article. Go to SONY's financials and you'll see they are still losing on hardware. If you don't have access to them...ask your broker to source it for you.

SONY is losing money on each PS3 sold when considering purely hardware sales and THAT is what I was commenting on. If you wish to fly off on a tangent be my guest but don't do it by insulting me.

So again, I've justified why I give a sh1t about sales (being a shareholder) but you haven't justified why you give a sh1t that I care. So stfu and play your games since your such a 'gamer'. I'm not the one with a console manufacturer stroke job listed in his N4G bio now am I?

3223d ago
mint royale3223d ago

My understanding from articles from isupply was that the ps3 was breaking even in august/september. Then Sony cut the price so of course they are losing money again on hardware but not anywhere near the extent they were at the start of the gen. I remember a sony executive (sorry about the vagueness) saying that Sony planned to become profitable on hardware sometime in 2010.

The question is whether software etc can pull the games division into profit this christmas. I think it can but we'll have to wait until January to find out.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

You keep answering with insults instead of intelligence.

The VAST majority of shareholders in markets are not rich. They are middle class people trying to make a buck for themselves and their families. Over 60% of Americans (for instance) hold shares either directly or indirectly through retirement plans / pension and insurance facilities.

There are approx 40K Ferrari's in the US...There are approx 250 Million you think that only .016% of Americans invest in stocks right? (example is extendible to other Nations if need be)

The fact that I have a hobby in gaming precludes me from being a shareholder? Um...ok.

And with that: I've used my bubbles.

Merry Christmas

DaTruth3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

That's how stupid the middle classed shareholder is; They put themselves out of their own jobs! They will abandon a company and have them lay-off people just like them, then they will complain when it happens to them!

Or how about commodities trading. Raise the price of food up so high that many in the world can't afford it anymore, just to make a quick buck for themselves and then complain about high gas prices and terrorism!

rezenu3223d ago

How did this become the thread of who's losing money from whom is beyond me.

Sony isn't losing as much money anymore. I'm pretty sure that back in 2006 they were losing more. They still lose but it's not as bad anymore. The last time I heard, they were close to break-even.

C'mon, it's Christmas. Can't the console wars rest already?

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Nathan Drake23223d ago

so last 10 days in 2009. will tell which is the most selling home console in 2009. in japan.

Karooo3223d ago

why has it doubled in this week?

RememberThe3573223d ago

It might be due to Christmas shopping.

SprSynJn3223d ago

Christmas here has an impact on presents for children, just like it does elsewhere. It may not be a national holiday, but it is still "celebrated". I put that in quotations because no one here is really Christian, they only celebrate the commercial aspect of it.

bujasem_893223d ago

Holy sh*t now that is alot xD good goin sony keep it up ;)

talltony3223d ago

What does that tell you guys. Japan alone is shrinking 360's lead mighty mighty fast.

xcox3222d ago

you are in denial: PS3 is doomed, sony is losing, MS is conquering japan.
honest, this is the truth, i read it @

3222d ago