Most Expensive PS3: Sony PS3 Supreme Unveiled

GG posts, "Stuart Hughes has now unveiled the gold and diamond studded Sony PS3 Supreme video game console. Fashioned and designed specifically by Stuart Hughes, the company states that the system is the most expensive PS3 in the world."

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octodope3219d ago

The Xbox 360 is already worth its weight in gold. Too bad Nintendo and Sony have to get the Wii and PS3 done in gold for publicity stunts. What the PS3 needs is more softwares going gold… not the hardware! :P

lociefer3218d ago

last i heared is that ppl scramble a big pile of faulty 360 (thts like half sold) and either sell em as junk or burn them, maybe u should go tell em its worth gold :))

ShinRyuHadoken3218d ago

Whatever octodope.

If I'm a millionaire i will sure buy and show off with everybody i know.

Sarcasm3218d ago

What octodope needs is more tutoring for english.

Godmars2903218d ago

If you include the cost of XBL.

At least with the PS3, even when it was at $700, you knew what you were getting as soon as you opened the box.

kneon3218d ago

The main reason I don't have an XBox (besides the RROD) is that it's a poor value. It has so many features missing compared to the PS3 and the accessories are so overpriced that it's just not worth it. When I can get an elite for about $150 then it may be worth it.

And no it has nothing to do with the price, Im talking value for money. I can afford pretty much whatever I want, I just don't like being ripped off.

Automat3218d ago

I thought the open zone was over there ---->

pain777pas3218d ago

Have you been smoking too much dope their Octo? PS3 has pure quality exclusives first party game. Nuff said!!!

3218d ago
C_SoL3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )


UltraNova3218d ago

Talking about smoking some really weird sh.t man...

god_o_war3218d ago

thats why they offered me a whopping $0 to trade in my 360 at ebgames??

Aleusia3218d ago

Shut the hell are getting bubbles downvoted by me and others should do the same.

mal_tez923218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

-PS3 (250GB) with Uncharted 2 + 1 other game + HDMI cable is $588
-I need is a second DualShock 3 which is $99.95
-I need a headset which range from $5 for a USB one to $70 for a bluetooth one (mine was $10)
----Total PS3 cost = $697.95

-Xbox 360 Elite (120GB) with Pure, Lego Batman + 1 other game is $388
-I will also need another controller which is $79.95
-I will need 2 play & charge kits for the controllers at $29.95 each
-I will need a wireless network adapter which is $149.95
-I will need an Xbox LIVE membership which is $79.95 for 12 months
----Total 360 cost = $757.85

All up, I will be paying more for a 360 than a PS3, which is wierd when you consider that I am getting less that half of the storage space, no blu ray player, and an overall inferior gaming machine in terms of graphical quality.

Also, as the years go on, I will have to pay for more XBL memberships. Which is an annual cost of almost $80

Not to mention that I get 3 old games that I won't even play, compared to 1 old game that I won't play and this years GOTY.

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Solans Scott3218d ago

I wouldn't buy it, even if I could, but I guess that it would make a good collector's item seeing as there were only three made. That said I am really not a fan of pimped out electronics because I want to use them and not just look at them on a daily basis. But to each his own.

STK0263218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I wonder if it comes with BC at this price.

I don't really see why I got disagrees, it was a legit question. My Ps3 has BC and I only payed600$CAD for it. And why the need for a 360 reference? Plus, it's an older model (non-slim), it could potentially be a 60GB model, or one of those 40GB that had BC.

jmare3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I wonder why they don't make a gold 360. Maybe because it would melt?

EDIT: I normally try not to sink to the stupidity of others, but it's early and I'm in a playful mood.

EDIT2 @ above: Either you are completely ignorant of the way N4G is or you really suck at trolling. Either way, I'll keep it simple for you to understand. Your comment is something that a 360 fanboy would say to comment on Sony taking out BC in order to make it cheaper.

STK0263218d ago

Don't worry about my trolling ability, it can be rather good when I try. As for the comment I made, it wasn't an attempt at trolling, oh, and I do know how N4G works mind you. I just hoped that by now, with the PS3's stellar line-up and boosted sales, that the PS3 community on N4G wouldn't be on the defensive as much as it was when the PS3 was the underdog, my mistake.

jmare3218d ago

I wasn't being defensive, I was just in the mood to fvck around a little. I usually don't do it but today is Christmas Eve so I said "Fvck it. Have a little fun with people." Sorry if I was a bit d!ckish.

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UltimateIdiot9113218d ago

I don't get what the appeal about putting all these diamonds and gold on electronic. I personally think it looks hideous and wouldn't buy it even if I had the money lying around.

Sarcasm3218d ago

"wouldn't buy it even if I had the money lying around. "

Amen to that. I seriously question people who're rich and buy these things.

Then again, there has been money spent on worst things like a $1,900,000 purse.

At least with a 300k PS3 you get to play Uncharted 2 :)

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