Bayonetta VS Devil May Cry 4 Comparison Video

Since the release of Bayonetta in Japan, gamers starts to wonder if this game is truly a clone of Devil May Cry 4. Take a peek on the side by side comparison video of Bayonetta and Devil May Cry 4. You be the judge and tell us if you think Bayonetta is truly a clone of Devil May Cry 4.

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The_Devil_Hunter3219d ago

Ok that was a fail..they didnt even show off any of Neros moves.
Not to mention Dante..his moves were way better than Neros.
Regardless Bayonettas combos look good as well.

raztad3219d ago

Worst DMC gameplay ever. Guy sucks badly.

I'm not quite sure what Capcom did with DMC4 but this is from DMC3 SE:

The difficulty in DMC3 SE was toned down to suit the western market. I would love a remastered DMC3. I didnt have enough time to finish the game.

Kalowest3219d ago

I was Lmao at how bad that guy is at both games.