CryEngine 3: New screenshots released

Videogameszone published seven new CryEngine 3 screenshots.

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Madis0073221d ago

Face = PC version yes but other things no.
Console version will be sh!t

Nihilism3221d ago

wait and see my friend, I'm a pc gamer, but I have high hopes crytek can bring the pain, if they can equal killzone 2 on console's ( and exceed the 360's best) then they will have done an amazing thing: roll on a year later, and the middleware engine known as cryengine 3 could have made some truly amazing games, I hope to see RPG's and the sort using this engine. Damn that would be sexy

Arnon3221d ago

Well, I mean there's no reason not to like what Crytek is doing with the CryEngine 3 for consoles. That still doesn't change the fact that most of us will probably get the PC version :/

ABizzel13221d ago

More people will get the PC version through pirating, while most people will buy the console version which is why they went multiplatform to being with.

Arnon3221d ago

If that was the case, then they wouldn't be making it for PC/360, and just PS3 only. They're doing it for money.

R6ex3220d ago

Mass Effect 3 should swtich to CryEngine 3 for better in-game "actors".

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gtamike1233221d ago

confirmed runs better on the powerful PS3

Madis0073221d ago

PC owns console graphic and runs better always. ALWAYS AND FOREVER !!!

Yes. PS3 is most powerful console ever(but PC owns still)

PC > PS3 >>>>>>>&g t;>>> XBOX 360

gtamike1233221d ago

The PS3 Cell has been used in a Super Computer also the Cell cores can be also used to Render Graphics aswell as the graphics card.

AngryTypingGuy3221d ago

I'd wait until the games come out using the engine, because you just may end up eating your words.

xcox3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

it's easy to look good on a $3000 PC but looking better than KZ2 and UC2 will be a whole different story.

we'll see if crytek has what it takes to compete with the top console dogs or if they're just your typical PC dev for whom hardware acceleration compensates for creative shortcomings

jack who3218d ago

CryEngine for consoles runs better on the 360 sooooo what you talking bout?

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comp_ali3221d ago

Why are there Mech Warrior screenshots in the same gallery

bumnut3221d ago

Because someone has got mechwarrior to work on the cryengine.... i think, please correct me if im wrong.

ArmrdChaos3221d ago

Because the Mechwarrior "Living Legends" is meant to run on top of the crysis engine...although I thought it was supposed to run on Crysis 2 engine...not sure about their latest engine.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3221d ago

Unless they've extremely optimized their engine, the console versions will be running 720p or below with a lingering 30fps at medium to low level settings.

exnihilonihilfit3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

You PC guys are the worst. Yes, PCs will always be able to be more powerful than any console because you can customize them and they don't follow a generational model, but for the price, consoles are the way to go in gaming (unless you count the reduced cost of PC games over the long run). Problem is, with genuine console exclusives (mostly PS3 here, not really Xbox), you get games of a production value and quality that in many cases rival or surpass PC. Bottom line, it's a Console war, not a PC vs Console war. PC is better, all hail the PC (or mac I suppose), but stop comparing something that you can spend thousands of dollars on custom building over years and add on to whenever there is a technological leap to something that has to be low cost and stay exactly the same for several years.

Baka-akaB3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Well some extreme people love stating the obvious ...

As if they were scared others would ever forget PC constantly get hardware that will keep them ahead .

They insist on an argument that was never really that important to console gaming .

Basically it the same as some dude trashing a dvd/divx player while humping his superior pc . In some cases it's that tragic .

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